Sept. 16, 2009, will be a date that sticks with me, because for me it is the day the mainstream media gave up what tiny shreds of credibility they still retained. On that fateful Tuesday, Charlie Gibson of “ABC Nightly News” laughed as he dealt the deathblow.

The day after the Senate voted to defund ACORN, Charlie Gibson was asked about the still-growing scandal on WLS-AM Chicago’s “Don Wade & Roma Morning Show.” His reply was “I don’t even know about it.”

Now, we’re not talking about some guy off the street. Charlie Gibson heads “ABC Nightly News.” This is a man who has the resources of a major television network, or at least its news division, at his disposal. He is plugged in, tuned in, turned on. He has information coming at him from every angle, the news feeds from every major news organization in the world, and assistants bringing him stories and leads from all over. Yet, he claims he doesn’t even know about a major story with ties to the White House. Remember, these are the people who were all over the “George Bush choked on a pretzel” story.

Not only has the story been all over the place on the Internet, it has been discussed in other venues as well, and I’m certain around water coolers the world over. Additionally, the Senate had just taken action on the issue, with an overwhelming 83 to 7 vote, resulting in more coverage.

The MSM has been in decline for a long time. They recently pushed their rate of decline from free-fall into power dive. From their sickening, leg-tingling, slobbering romance with all things Obama to their willful disregard of the Van Jones debacle, they have clearly demonstrated time after time that they simply cannot be trusted to bring the American people anything approaching fair, evenhanded coverage of the day’s events.

Of course, none of this is new, and ABC is not alone in this. All of the “old guard” news organizations, excepting possibly Fox News, have been slashing and shredding the trust they had built up over the years. No matter what they might say, they have demonstrated over and over again that they will fall on their own swords to protect the leftist cause. CBS became a laughingstock over the George Bush memos. CNN engaged in shameful race baiting, attempting to portray a black man carrying a gun near an Obama speaking engagement as an “angry white man” by careful editing of a photo.

It goes on and on, in large ways and small. From what they choose not to report, to the subtle spin they place on what they do deign to cover, they have clearly demonstrated that they have chosen to be the lickspittle lapdogs of the Democrats.

I have given up any hope of ever hearing a true thing uttered by any of the talking heads of the major networks. They simply can not be trusted.

And that’s the way it was, Sept. 16, 2009.

Roger Fishwife

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