A week after those huge patriotic rallies in Washington on Sept. 12, another conservative gathering is talking place in D.C.

Dozens of talk radio hosts are holding their annual, two-day Hold Their Feet to the Fire “radio-thon.”

Lou Dobbs, Roger Hedgecock, Armstrong Williams and 40 others are broadcasting live from the nation’s capital, focusing their shows on illegal immigration.

Meanwhile, Lou Dobbs is the latest target of leftwing boycotters. Hispanic and pro-immigration groups hope to convince CNN and its advertisers to drop his show, and they point to the “success” of the Glenn Beck boycott being run by Van Jones’ Color of Change.

Except, as I’ve explained here and elsewhere, the Glenn Beck boycott is not only a failure, but was doomed from the start, because the boycotters clearly don’t have the slightest idea how the media business actually works.

Glenn Beck

“Mad Man: Is Glenn Beck Bad For America?” blared this week’s Time magazine cover.

On the air, Beck joked about this dubious “honor” (FREE transcript; audio is members-only), even though the story is pretty snarky.

Remember: Time is owned by CNN – the network Beck left to become a Fox News ratings and revenue superstar.

Years ago, Time’s verdict mattered. Today, Glenn Beck’s multi-media empire is leaving Time, CNN and other dinosaurs in the tar pits – and worse, Time doesn’t even comprehend its own irrelevance.

As Pajamas Media’s Ed Driscoll warned with mock horror, “Beck will soon be the most talked about man in dentist’s offices across the nation!!”

And perhaps on YouTube, too? Even though he’s not running for office, the Democratic National Committee is targeting Glenn Beck in a new public service announcement.

By the way: Beck’s TV ratings “are up triple digits” from last week.

Rush Limbaugh

Speaking of ratings: Rush Limbaugh’s are up, too – even in liberal markets like San Francisco and Seattle.

“As frustration with Obama’s policies reached a boiling point during August,” blogged the Radio Equalizer, Brian Maloney, “Americans clearly turned to Rush for help.”

Not to mention for laughs. This week, Rush took to describing race-baiting ex-President Jimmy Carter as “the national hemorrhoid” (FREE transcript – audio is members-only).

Bill Bennett

At the other end of the temperamental spectrum sits mild-mannered intellectual Bill Bennett, whose crack-of-dawn radio show is the perfect way to ease into your day (audio archives are members only).

When Bennett asked guest Mark Steyn to comment on the ridiculous charges made by Carter and others that Obama’s critics were “racist,” Steyn quipped that while we’d been assured by the left during the Bush administration that “dissent was the highest form of patriotism,” suddenly, “dissent was the highest form of racism.”

Like Limbaugh’s “national hemorrhoid” line, Steyn’s remark has been wending its way around the web. Can a T-shirt be far behind?

G. Gordon Liddy

Retired Army Col. Allen West, who is running for Congress in Florida, attended the Sept. 12 demonstration in Washington and provided G. Gordon Liddy with an eyewitness account (FREE audio).

West was impressed by the size and spirit of the crowd, but not by the response of the commander in chief. Instead of facing ordinary Americans on his doorstep, West told Liddy, “Obama ran away to Minnesota.”

West also called Obama “a narcissist and a coward,” as well as a liar, when it comes to health care reform.

Mark Levin

Of course, the word “liar” has been in the air all week, thanks to Congressman Joe Wilson’s outburst during President Obama’s health-care address.

Wilson called radio host Mark Levin on Tuesday to talk about what happened (FREE audio).

Levin praised Wilson as a hero and a patriot: “You will have a legacy for your family. And that’s what life is all about.”

That same day, Mark Levin celebrated a major milestone: his book “Liberty & Tyranny” officially sold its millionth copy – in hardcover.

Naturally, this amazing cultural achievement was ignored by the mainstream media.

Dennis Miller

A hair-raising exchange on Dennis Miller’s radio show this week cast the right/left media, political and cultural divide into high relief (audio archives are members only).

The normally even-tempered Miller boldly confronted one guest – sports and media mogul Mark Cuban – because he’d distributed a movie that depicted American soldiers as rapists and murderers.

Sounding bitter and defensive, Cuban blamed a “smear campaign” by Bill O’Reilly for his movie’s bad reputation and subsequent box office failure. Then Cuban claimed O’Reilly “only had three viewers” – and he “didn’t care about [O’Reilly] anyway.”

Miller, who’s a weekly guest on O’Reilly’s TV show, snapped back that O’Reilly has four million viewers a night (considerably more, I would add, than Mark Cuban did when he hosted his long forgotten cable show.)

“You know what?” Miller said finally. “My proudest moment behind this mic after two and a half years” has been “taking you on for making that crap movie.”

Luckily, we’ll have more memorable moments to look forward to: Miller, one of my favorite radio hosts, just signed another multi-year contract with Westwood One.

Michael Medved

Radio talk show host Michael Medved penned an op-ed for USA Today this week, offering his take on how to revive the fortunes of the Republican Party

“According to nearly all my talk radio colleagues,” Medved wrote, “this sort of full-throated denunciation of the president’s alleged ‘march to socialism’ mobilizes the nation’s permanent conservative majority.”

However, says Medved, “that majority doesn’t exist.”

He advises that the GOP will win with a Reagan-like leader with strong, traditional conservative principles who also has a cool, calm, friendly temperament.

In other words: a conservative version of Barack Obama.

Fred Thompson

Thanks to the Friends of Talk Radio website for putting together a funny video to go with radio host Fred Thompson’s short and sweet bit, “Four Words I’d Like to Hear from President Obama.”

Larry Elder

WND columnist Larry Elder sat in for Dennis Prager on Monday (audio archives are members only), so my week got off to a great start. I miss Larry Elder’s radio show terribly, and so, apparently, do a lot of us.

The good news is Larry Elder is returning to the airwaves – sort of. He announced that soon he will begin podcasting a new show.

Details are scarce at his website, but be sure to sign up for Elder’s e-newsletter, and you’ll find out when the show starts up.

Finally: thanks to everyone whose emailed me with kind, encouraging words about this new column. I welcome your suggestions – keep them coming!

Thanks too to WND’s own Andrea Shea King – the Radio Patriot – for inviting me on to her podcast and making me feel welcome.

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