According to the website for Movieguide®, a non-profit ministry associated with the Christian Film & Television Commission, 45 percent of the movies released in theaters today are aimed at families – but does that mean the films are right for your family?

Now WND and Movieguide are partnering together to help you discern the content and messages of the movies you and your family may want to see.

Every two weeks on WND’s Diversions page, the Movieguide team will update a list of 10 or more reviews of current movies – all from a biblical perspective.

The Movieguide reviews will not only alert you to film content – such as violence, profanity, sexuality and more – but also break down the moral statements and worldviews presented by the movies, so that you can make informed decisions about your family’s entertainment choices.

You can find extensive coverage of the silver screen, including WND’s own movie reviews, over on our Diversions page, or go right now, directly to the new Movieguide feature, reviewing a list of ten top films and videos.

Movieguide: The Family Guide to Movies and Entertainment is a Christian family magazine published every two weeks with the goal of making a positive media impact in the homes of America by helping families develop media wisdom and providing news from the entertainment industry: articles on movies, TV, Internet and cultural trends and beliefs that discerning parents will want to know about.

You can subscribe to the bi-weekly magazine, support this ministry and get it delivered to your home for only $40.

Movieguide was founded by Dr. Ted Baehr, chairman of the Christian Film & Television Commission, and president of the organization that produced “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe” for CBS-TV in 1980, boasting 37 million viewers and winning an Emmy Award.

Movieguide’s website states Baehr’s life’s purpose is to “be used of God to redeem the values of the media while educating audiences on how to use discernment in selecting their entertainment.”

Go now to Diversions, to raise the curtain on a new chapter in discerning the merits and messages of today’s hottest movies!

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