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Union members oppose key Obamacare points

Members of organized labor across the United States, considered key allies in President Obama’s pursuit of a health care takeover and implementation of a long list of new government requirements for health insurance, disagree with him on a number of key points, according to the results of a new poll.

That comes from the newest Zogby International–O’Leary Report poll of 4,426 likely voters Sept. 4-8. It has a margin of error of 1.5 percentage points.

A subset of 1,036 voters who are members of unions responded to a number of questions and submitted surprising answers, including the fact two-thirds of them do not believe the government should demand consumers buy health insurance.

“Union members are supposed to be important allies to President Obama in his push for a health care overhaul,” said Brad O’Leary, publisher of “The O’Leary Report.”

O’Leary, besides authoring the report bearing his name, also has written “Shut Up America: The End of Free Speech.”

“These poll results, however, show that even large percentages of union members reject the key tenets of ‘Obamacare,'” he said.

On the question: “Do you agree or disagree that the federal government should require all Americans to purchase health insurance, or face a fine?” Only 20 percent agreed and 12 percent were uncertain. A sizeable 67 percent said they disagreed with the point – a key component of Obama’s health care revolution plans.

The union members were equally split on which question reflected their feelings: A: A government-run ‘public’ health insurance option is needed to create more competition and choice in the health insurance marketplace. B: The public option is too intrusive to the free market and would eventually drive private health insurers out of business.

Fifty-four percent opposed an “employer mandate” that would require businesses, including small businesses, to provide health insurance to their employees or face a fine. Thirty-eight percent supported the idea.

The results of other questions:

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