Families USA, a group that portrays itself as a non-profit, non-partisan national organization, has advertised an 800 number that has misled hundreds of callers by playing a message supporting President Obama’s health-care proposals before linking to the congressional switchboard.

Calling 800-828-0498, the number originally advertised by Families USA to “call your representative and your senators” in a petition campaign named “Bush vs. Kids,” plays the following message:

“Thank you for calling your representative and your senators. Please urge them to vote yes on health care reform because the American people can no longer wait for more choices, lower costs and coverage we can count on.”

The call then switches to the Capitol switchboard.

When WND called the 800 number, the Capitol switchboard operator complained that the switchboard is getting inundated with hundreds of callers today confused as to why the Capitol would be broadcasting a clearly partisan message supporting Obamacare.

The clearly exasperated Capitol switchboard operator explained to WND that the 800 number and the phone number belonged to a lobbyist group and were not being promoted by the U.S. Congress.

The existence of the phone number was first reported in Canada Free Press earlier today.

Families USA was closed over the weekend with no press phone number listed for WND to call for comments on off hours.

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