His dignity.

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The captain of the frigate was awakened by the first mate.

”Captain,” cried the first mate, “we are being approached by three pirate ships.” They quickly ran to the deck and the captain appraised the situation.

“It looks like we are in for a fight,” said the captain. “Go below and fetch my red shirt!”

“How will a red shirt help us in this situation?” asked the first mate.

“If I am wounded, the men will not notice the blood and they will continue fighting,” said the captain. The first mate fetched the red shirt for the captain. They were successful in defending their ship against the pirates.

A week later the captain was again awakened by the first mate. “Captain,” he said, “we are about to be attacked by seven pirate ships.”

They raced to the deck again. After appraising the situation, the captain turned to the first mate and ordered:

“Go below and fetch my brown trousers!”


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