My friend Ray Comfort has some great ideas for commemorating Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday, earlier this year, and the upcoming 150th anniversary of the publication of “Origin of the Species.”

First, he wrote a great book, “Nothing Created Everything.”

Just the title alone is sheer genius. The subtitle is “The scientific impossibility of atheistic evolution.”

Comfort looks at the pseudo-scientific silliness Darwin’s ideas popularized 150 years ago.

Kirk Cameron explains “Origin” campaign:

Today, it is virtually impossible to escape being indoctrinated with evolutionary theory. I don’t mean that evolution is taught as a theory. Just the opposite. It is taught as scientific doctrine, despite the fact that it is non-observable, non-testable and, frankly, nonsensical.

There, I said it. This should give those intellectuals at MSNBC, Media Matters and the Huffington Puffington Post some good fodder for their next round of smears and name-calling.

Nevertheless, that’s what I believe.

I don’t believe the Earth is billions of years old. I don’t believe animals have transitioned from one species to another. And I certainly don’t believe that nothing created everything.

I once believed it. I don’t anymore.

Why? Because I looked at the so-called “evidence.” And found none.

Ray Comfort did, too.

But he didn’t just write another great book. He also re-published Darwin’s “Origin of the Species” so people could actually read it for themselves – something, I suspect, most people who believe his theory have never bothered to do. And he priced it so that no one would have any excuse – at just $4.99.

A very good way to mark the solemn occasion of Darwin’s 200th birthday earlier this year and the 150th anniversary of the first edition of “Origin of the Species” is to read the book – and Ray Comfort’s 50-page introduction, which exposes the rest of the work for the comic book it is. (You can get both books, including an autographed edition of Ray Comfort’s “Nothing Created Everything,” for the special price of $19.99 at the WND Superstore.)

But Ray Comfort didn’t stop there.

He and his buddy, actor Kirk Cameron, are also giving away 120,000 copies of Darwin’s book on 100 university campuses this year.

Now, ask yourself this question: Why are people who think Darwin’s nuts evangelistically distributing more copies of “Origin of the Species” than his evolutionary disciples?

The answer, of course, is because actually reading Darwin’s ideas today is laughable – even though they form the very foundation of evolutionary theory.

Darwin, of course, knew nothing of cellular structure or microbiology. He had no notion of the complexity of DNA. He just looked at the world around him and postulated how and why certain animals “evolved” the way they did.

But even Darwin admitted that unless the fossil record could validate his theories, they would deserve to be scrapped.

Here we are 150 years later and we’re still searching for the transitional fossil record.

Instead, what we find is an amazing fossil record that suggests fossilized animals fall into one of two categories – still living today or extinct. We find familiar fossilized mammals buried right near extinct dinosaurs. The dirty little secret is we even find fossilized evidence of man right next to dinosaurs deemed by evolutionists to have been extinct for tens of millions of years.

We also find vivid human drawings and sculptures of these creatures thought to be “extinct” before man walked the planet.

What becomes of such evidence in this age of “science”? They are discarded, dismissed. Even ancient literature, like the Bible (see Job 41) which describes dinosaurs must be allegorized when there is no room for allegorization.

So don’t be afraid of Darwin.

Don’t be afraid of knowledge.

Don’t be afraid of real science.

That’s the message of Ray Comfort in this year of Darwin.

Just don’t put your faith in men.

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