Max Baucus’ government health bill is a trojan horse. It is just another clever way to destroy private health care by degrees.

I can show you this in nothing minus five, flat.


In this article, Baucus’ bill is shown to require insurers to accept you, if you have a pre-existing condition.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

The only problem is, that defeats the very meaning of “insurance.” Insurance is that purchased promise of payment in the advent of an improbable event. Car insurance works because the harder people try not to get in accidents, the more money insurers make.

But Baucus negates all profitability for any insurer anywhere, with his plan. Simply put, nobody will want to buy insurance until a pre-existing condition exists.

Suppose I told you that you didn’t have to buy car insurance until you had an accident. Then, right after your pre-existing total-accordion job, you could buy insurance for the same price as if you’d never torn a full-grown pine tree out of the ground with your front bumper?

No risk to you means no profit for insurers. Buy insurance the day after you get swine flu from a government vaccine! It doesn’t matter – they would have to accept you at Obama-on-the-low-down price.

So, no one would buy insurance until sick, which means insurance companies would quickly become bankrupt, paying all doctor bills for everyone, and taking in nearly no money. All that would be left would be …

The government.


But Baucus backers will bumptiously object, then, that they will force everyone to buy insurance right away.

Force. Yeah. I remember basically what government force is. Janet Reno at Waco. Federales at Ruby Ridge.

But forced profit? Forced health? Forced panaceas? Forced private company purchases? Do you honestly think coercing and imprisoning people to buy private company goods (a couple million people by the way) is going to survive a court challenge? No. It won’t.

And they know that.

No surprise.

Just control.

Crushing, grinding, life-robbing, economy-destroying control.

Andrew Longman

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