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Joseph Farah
Five Reasons Why You Should Take Steps

To Get Off The Grid Before The Great And Final Crisis

As the editor and Chief Executive Officer of, I’ve been thinking a lot about the current developments in America each and every day. I ponder the collapsing financial system, the catastrophic leap in government controls on all of us, and life in a world of shortages induced by an administration bent on plunging this nation headlong into Marxism.

With that in mind, I’ve been drawn to the story of Noah as described in Genesis 6-8. It’s here we read how the Lord saw man’s wickedness and decided to “wipe mankind from the face of the earth.” But Noah, as we know, found favor with the Lord. The narrative goes on to explain how God would send a great flood but would save Noah and his family. Here’s the thing I’ve been thinking about most: He gave Noah very specific instructions on survival preparedness. He told him to build an ark and fill it with animals and food.

What’s the lesson for Americans living in a nation resembling Germany in the late thirties? Well, first Noah listened and then took decisive action. He, of course, was ridiculed for this, as many of you will be when you prepare for the greatest financial, economic, and political meltdown of this nation’s history.

Like Noah, or Joseph in Egypt for that matter, there has never been a better time to start preparing for shortages. I’m convinced that the current administration’s propensity for socialist answers to every one of our nation’s problems will create shortages of gargantuan proportions.

One of the areas I’m especially concerned about is electricity. The left’s war against nuclear and coal power combined with much of the new climate legislation may leave many without power.

Solar Generator - Grid Free

That’s why I’m recommending that you begin to take steps to get off the grid right away. I can personally recommend the Solar Generator available from Solutions From Science in Thomson, IL (since I own one). Here are five good reasons I believe you should consider buying a Solar Generator from our friends at Solutions From Science:

Number One. It’s really only a matter of time before new climate legislation affects your electric bill. Folks, it’s going to go up. How far I can’t say but expect continuous upward pressure on the cost of electric power.

Number Two. Our new energy czar wants to control how much power your electric company allows you to have. It’s true, total government control of electricity in the name of smart grid technology is coming soon.

Number Three. In some areas of the country, the power grid is dangerously overloaded with new Socialist legislation now only compounding the problem.

Number Four. Every year thousands of families lose their power because of powerful storms. In the south, it’s hurricanes and tornadoes. In the north, it’s powerful thunderstorms, ice and snow that knock out regional power grids … sometimes for weeks at a time.

Number Five. These new Solar Generators provide powerful backup insurance and ultimately, peace of mind. I really believe that socialism causes shortages and that it’s only a matter of time before we get hit with government-induced brownouts and blackouts, not to mention much, much higher electric bills.

It’s time to prepare for an uncertain future.
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Joseph Farah
Joseph Farah
Editor and Chief Executive Officer

P.S. You know me well enough to know that I make very few personal endorsements. But I want to tell you that the Solar Generator from Solutions From Science is the real deal. It’s always better to take action before the storm hits. My readers know I believe a storm is coming.


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