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The 'straight' scoop – 2 years later

Posted By -NO AUTHOR- On 10/08/2009 @ 12:00 am In Commentary | Comments Disabled

“Time heals all wounds.”

In my case, this statement is true. Some might remember that, over two years ago, I “came out” against homosexuality, having lived a “gay” lifestyle and been the editor of a gay youth magazine, as well as a relatively vocal political fighter for gay causes. I wrote about my seeing the light here in WorldNetDaily, which spawned additional articles here and in other media, and quite a bit of media attention in general.

People were pretty livid in the blogosphere, with gay people attacking me from just about as many angles as Sarah Palin was attacked during the worst of those times. I had people calling me insane – which I’ve come to think might be the worst insult of all – and saying I must have AIDS, calling my home to swear at me, threatening me to my face, saying, “I HATE PEOPLE LIKE YOU!” and so much more!

I think my “coming out” of the lie of homosexuality did trigger something, because I was so honest about it – and, because I was so obviously NOT crazy.

I decided to write this follow-up piece for WorldNetDaily today because people have been asking how I am. Often, they seem to encourage me to take a position different than the one I took back on July 4, 2007, when I wrote my first article about this topic: in short, to go back on my word. “Surely, that was a fit of extremism,” is a common theme in these promptings from folks. “Now, you can set the record straight!”

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I think I can set the record straight, but it is not the kind of “straight” they’re looking for. No, I have not reconsidered my sexuality, changed back to the way I was thinking before I declared that homosexuality was a sin that led to nothing but spiritual death, nor decided to “repent” for having “hurt” the homosexual community with my “hate speech.” Not at all.

I, instead, have grown stronger – and more confident – in my ability to discern evil in this life, specifically around this topic I know so dearly: homosexuality. I have seen it, thus I know it. And, as I have spent the last two years processing everything I’ve been through in my life, I have come to know truth even better than I’d ever have imagined in 2007.

There was some concern that I’d become a member of the Mormon church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. That did happen. I joined that organization in the Spring of 2007, then left in August of that same year. I wrote a letter to the church government, asking to be let out, and that was that. Since then, I have come to find a beautiful fellowship family at a Bible-believing church that does not leave a taste of rebellion in my mouth.

I have dated women, to great happiness both for myself and – I think – the women. It has never been strange, “side-show-like,” or anything other than entirely normal and human. In fact, I would be surprised if anybody could come up with a reason why such a normal thing should be anything other than just that!

(In fact, for those healing from the sin of homosexuality, or connected to folks who might be trying to deal with this sin, one of the worst things people have to face in this situation is the feeling like stopping homosexual practices and starting heterosexual practices is a “big deal.” You can carry around that sense of “big deal” in your brain, and it can cripple you from just letting go of all that mental muck, just letting go of what you think people might think of you, and just be yourself. I mean it!)

But, what about my desires? People constantly complain: “I’m just not attracted to women! And, I’m SO attracted to guys!” No, you’re not. You’re obsessed with the lustful desires of a fallen body, the body that – ultimately – hates itself and hates the truth. You know the way out, but you’re selfishly unwilling to take it. You would rather pull the covers over you – in the form of liberal lawmakers who will attack the truth with “hate crime” violations – than sit up, like a man, and BE a man.

This incendiary language is exactly the reason why the gay rights movement is blah blah blah blah. I am tired of listening to the lies of people on the left, as they justify their own hateful actions, their own sinful behaviors and their own life-destroying evil. I have no patience for it anymore. I sat there and saw folks who’d been friends get blackness in their souls, radiating through their eyes, as they found out about my story, and they looked at me with demonic venom. I have seen people talk about me as some kind of pariah behind my back, attempting to ostracize me, to pull everybody around me into some kind of group hatred.

I have seen the forces of darkness as they have, swiftly, overpowered the minds and bodies of otherwise good-hearted souls, kind folks, wonderful friends and even family members. And I know this is what others are up against.

I can’t imagine what others must be going through, those trying to get out of the mind-vice of homosexual sin. I can’t IMAGINE what their challenges are. I can only tell them: Be strong, my brothers and sisters. Be strong, my friends. Be strong.

There is no excuse for bad behavior, especially when the option of good behavior is available. Folks will always have the temptation to do wrong, while knowing the consequences of not doing right. I chose to leave the homosexual lifestyle because I had found my ground in God, because I no longer needed the approval or acceptance of everybody around me. Thus, they turned on me. I became persecuted by the ones who’d been my friends. But, at the same time, I followed a new “me,” through the darkest forests, and have seen the most amazing beauty along the way. I have arrived in the greatest state of mind, the happiest I could ever want myself to be, the best place that I could ever wish for myself.

And it just continues. I have a normal life. I haven’t doubted myself in years. I am rebuilding what was so severely torn down. I have God to thank. And I have you to encourage, simply by saying – once again – that yes, it is something people can and must do, to leave the sin and the practices and the lifestyle of homosexuality and seek something higher: basic, HETEROsexual, human sexuality. I am sorry this truth flies in the face of political correctness; but, I am more sorry if your mind is actually ensnared in such political correctness, because it is you who is the victim.


Michael Glatze can be reached at michaeleglatze@gmail.com. He welcomes your support and questions. Glatze was co-founder of Young Gay America and a former advocate for gay rights. He received media coverage for publicly announcing he no longer identified as a homosexual and renouncing homosexuality.

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