As WND reported, regulatory czar Cass Sunstein, in 2004, wrote, in effect, that “America is too racist for socialism,” and went on to argue that we are unwilling to accept a European concept of socialism because we whites believe too much of the benefits would go to minorities.

This argument is perhaps the stupidest argument ever made regarding socialism and why people are amenable to it, or not. It requires we accept that idea that whites in America believe they will never be beneficiaries of welfare programs, will never receive any of the so-called “benefits” of socialism, and believe that somehow all of those “benefits” will be a direct transfer of wealth from themselves to minorities.

Since we have had limited socialism working in America for going on 40 years, encompassing almost every aspect of the average citizen’s life, we have personal knowledge of socialism’s impact on our society, on our personal lives, on our neighborhoods and on our culture – so it isn’t as if it is a new concept being introduced.

The truth of the matter is America is actually too egalitarian to accept socialism as a working concept for a good and worthwhile government, because we have the mute evidence of four decades of its impact on our families, on our neighborhoods, on our schools, its impact on the principles of the nation and its impact on the government, which once was a representative one.

Statism’s illogic exposed for all to see in F.A. Hayek’s “The Fatal Conceit: The Errors of Socialism”

We know that the socialist programs introduced by the Johnson administration have done nothing to bring about “The Great Society” he publicly envisioned. We see the slums to prove it. We know that public housing, socialist-provided of course, encourages sloth and laziness, and ends up costing taxpayers five or 10 times what it would cost private buyers to provide for themselves: We’ve already paid the price, and the facts are on the table.

We know that welfare doesn’t work in providing a “stopgap measure” allowing people to survive emergencies, but engenders a whole class of public dependents – and the evidence is in the changes we saw when serious welfare reform was enacted, and people went to work.

We know socialism doesn’t work in our education system: We have watched one of the best education systems, in 40 years, go down to the point where America is competing with Third World nations for quality of education, and we can trace it exactly to the socialist input in our curriculum and the removal of real and practical education such as math, science, history, civics, reading and writing. This made room for “multi-culturalism,” which is a necessity to justify socialism in the first place, because socialism cannot compete on an even basis with any other form of government.

The real reason Americans of every race, creed and color reject socialism is because we know that free people, regardless of their race, creed or color, have managed to become the greatest in their field by diligent work, and an eagerness to excel. We have watched as former slaves have brought out new sciences, enriching both themselves and their nation with the new products that are now available, and we have watched such former slaves build world-class universities, all without any outside aid.

We have seen people of every nation, every creed, every background, come to this nation and by merely being free to do what they think they are best at, excel and become leaders of industry, leaders of communities and permanently alter this nation for the better. There is no lack of example of success among any people who have worked hard and applied their best efforts, and not only made their own way to the top, but led so many others along with them – and we know that it is all about the freedom to choose one’s own “best interest” that has so enabled them to achieve so much.

Only one who is truly prejudiced, who really thinks there are those less worthy than themselves could possibly make such a statement and mean it. In this, it is demonstrated that socialism is best reserved for those who are racist and do believe there are many who are not capable of competing on an equal basis with their peers of another skin tone.

America is too egalitarian to accept socialism. We know that people from anywhere, with any background at all, can achieve whatever they set as goals, and that is why socialists are so unwelcome in America.

John McClain

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