If you’ve ever wondered how the Republican Party lost its way, some of Sen. Lindsey Graham’s recent comments should help you to understand. Graham is part of a clique of progressive Republicans who for decades have been pressuring party members to become Democratic look-alikes.

When I say clique, I am referring to political lifers like John McCain, Orrin Hatch and Arlen Specter (who finally had the decency to bolt to the Democratic side of the aisle when he admitted that his Republican constituency was likely to throw him out of office in 2010). All were bosom buddies of Teddy the Lion – and remain pals with hard-left Democrats who are still among the living.

From an intellectual standpoint, about the only difference between Lindsey Graham and Lindsay Lohan is the way they spell their first names, as evidenced by some of Graham’s recent comments. Of Glenn Beck, who today is the single most powerful force representing the tyrannized majority in America, he said, “Only in America can you make that much money crying.”

You would think that a purported conservative like Graham (you have my permission to chuckle on that one) would be cheering Glenn Beck on, but the truth is that Beck is a huge threat to the cozy partnership that many closet progressives in the Republican Party have with their buddies across the aisle. When they dine together in their plush congressional dining rooms, there is a corruptive stench that permeates the air. Having become accustomed to such a luxurious lifestyle over the decades, many Republicans view anyone to the right of Hugo Chavez as a threat.

Graham went on to say that Beck is “not aligned with any party as far as I can tell. He’s aligned with cynicism. And there’s always been a market for cynicism. But we became a great nation not because we are a nation of cynics. We became a great nation because we are a nation of believers.”

Beck should be flattered, because cynicism is a good thing – especially when it comes to government. I like to refer to myself as a “positive cynic.” Experience has taught me that a bit of skepticism is healthy, but once I know the facts, I always believe that I can work things out.

Belief in coworkers who have proven themselves to be competent and trustworthy is a good thing. Belief in your family is a good thing. Belief in your own abilities is a good thing. There’s no question about it, when you have factual or experience evidence to back it up, belief is a positive attribute.

But believing in verbal gibberish and cheerleading that is camouflaged as news, believing in empty slogans, and, above all, believing in politicians is precisely what has gotten our nation into trouble. Graham is right – we are a nation of believers. Unfortunately, we believe so easily that we take seriously scoundrels and charlatans who continually tell us the tallest of tales. It’s a habit we must break if we are to win the liberty revolution that is now heating up.

Now, please don’t get the idea that Sen. Graham is critical of everybody. No sir, not this super-civil Republican mainstay. In the same interview, he praised BHO for energizing young people and reaching out to Hispanic voters, and made it a point to chastise Republicans whom he believes alienated voters with anti-immigration “rhetoric” in the last election.

But Graham saved the best for last when he said that BHO had passed the “ready to be commander-in-chief test” during the debates. No question about it, the Duplicitous Despot has certainly been a great commander in chief – not quite as good as Jimmy Carter, but, hey, what do you expect of a Marxist whose main experience is that of a community organizer?

Never one to quit on a winning note, Graham added that he believes “There [are] people in this country that [sic] are having a hard time reconciling the fact that we have a black president,” he acknowledged. Really? And here I thought that a majority of white voters actually voted for BHO. Hmm … is it possible that their discontent could have something to do with his performance?

Finally, said Graham, “Do I want some of his policies to fail? You better believe it. Do I want him to fail? No. Because he’s my commander in chief.” Touching … really touching. Earth to Lindsey: If BHO’s policies fail, he fails. Have you ever heard of a successful president whose policies failed?

If you still wonder why the Republican Party is on the verge of extinction, it’s because the progressive element is so deeply entrenched in its ranks that it no longer appeals to the majority of Americans – whose values are conservative! If Republicans ever regain power and the progressives among them get their way, a new liberty-based party had better be prepared to step in and challenge the Dems, or all may be lost.

Put another way, the marketplace for freedom is now wide open for anyone with the creativity and tenacity to create a new political party that the majority of Americans can call home.

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