Last weekend Obama spoke to homosexual activists at the Human Rights Campaign who are working to undermine the foundation of our civilization, marriage between one man and one woman, and whose agenda threatens our freedom to express biblical beliefs against a dangerous lifestyle.

Obama said, “I’ve called on Congress to repeal the so-called Defense of Marriage Act,” and “I will end Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. That’s my commitment to you.” Destroy marriage and the military, which would experience a mass exodus – nearly a quarter of our currently serving troops would not re-enlist or would consider terminating their careers, according to a Military Times poll last year.

Then, Obama insulted Christians at this event, stating, “There are still” some “who hold fast to outworn arguments and old attitudes.” There are quite a lot of old attitudes I still adhere to that some may consider “outworn,” things like the law of gravity, fiscal responsibility, freedom of speech and marriage between one man and one woman, that are still not only true, but vital to our nation’s well-being.

I witnessed the aftermath of Obama’s speech and Congress’ actions while in the Nashville airport yesterday morning. Blasting throughout the terminal was CNN’s “news interview” with a confused cross-dressing male and bisexual woman who were celebrating Obama’s push for troubled teens to become even more troubled.

My heart broke at the thought of all the misguided teens who will be led astray by legitimizing this disturbing behavior. If the Senate votes today for a Defense Authorization bill that includes the “thought crimes amendment,” that opinion might be a “hate crime” by the end of the week.

This poor man dressed in woman’s clothes needs someone to take him aside and tell him that it’s still a bit early for Halloween. Instead, we have a president who has legitimized this disturbed thinking and is “pushing hard to pass” a bill to prevent business owners from adhering to a dress code against “Bruce” coming to work in a skirt or using the women’s restroom because he “feels like a woman today.”

I wonder if they’ll also be forced to increase the pay for those who dress like the boss and “feel like a CEO today.” Maybe their next bill is to mandate that the rest of us scurry around to accommodate the every whim of those who wear a crown and “feel like a Monarch today.”

Now that I mention it, I think that’s the problem.

Those in Washington are playing dress up, too. They “feel like elite leaders” and are disturbed that the rest of us haven’t bowed to them and their dangerous agenda. They haven’t convinced “the peasants” on issues like marriage and free speech and so, we must be brought into submission or go to jail.

That’s what’s at stake right now with a “hate crimes” vote in the Senate today. If the Defense bill passes with the “hate crimes” amendment, pastors will be punished for their “outworn” and soon to become illegal speech, while pedophiles will have an elevated level of protection.

And the assault continues: There’s another vote scheduled in the Senate today on socialized medicine, complete with tax-funded baby killing as well as adult and disabled killing by way of rationing and denial of life-saving treatment.

Not to mention “Control and Tax” which is next on their list – to control what we do and where we go while taxing us for excessive things like driving to work and heating our homes.

How can we fight against all this insanity? There’s one way you can fight all of it – and the next government takeover of things like the media and what’s left of our free market. It’s to tell those “emperors” that they have no power except what we the people give them.

We have given them power. What has happened is our fault. And we need to correct our horrendous mistake. The bad news is that November 2010 is a year away. The good news is there is something you can do to remind them now.

Go to right now and with the click of a button you will send, by Federal Express, a personalized pink slip to those who are poised to take our freedoms, our free enterprise and our very lives through socialized medicine.

Not a gimmick. Not a stunt. Just a tangible reminder of who these people work for. Tell them to take off their “crowns” and start listening to their real boss – the American People — or their real pink slip will be issued next November.

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