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Not just wrong, but downright evil

When Phelim McAleer pointed out the inconvenient fact from his documentary “Not Evil, Just Wrong,” that there are more polar bears today – not less – contrary to Al Gore’s documentary, Gore responded by … cutting off his microphone.

That’s what the Obama administration is trying to do to us, and I would make the case that what’s going on today isn’t just wrong, it’s downright evil.

Evil. Like a guy who murders 70 million people. That’s pretty evil. I think we could all agree on that. Well, not all of us. White House communications director Anita Dunn actually admires a mass murderer. She says Mao Zedong is one of the two people she turns to most. Disagree with him and he’d put a bullet to your head. That’s her favorite philosopher.

She told the Dominican government that she and the Obama campaign “absolutely control[led]” the media. They control what’s reported and how. That’s why they don’t like that @#*!% Fox News.

They reported the story of Obama’s czar choice of self-described Communist Van Jones, and revealed the ACORN sting video that exposed Obama’s pet organization that was previously best-known for voter fraud. Now they’re also known for helping to get government funds for a house of prostitution with underage, illegal aliens.

They don’t like that Fox News standard of: “We report, you decide.” No, they want it to be “You report what we decide.”

That’s why Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod are making the rounds telling the world that Fox “isn’t real news.” Unlike NBC, CNN and MSNBC, Fox, they contend, has “a perspective.” I just wonder how long it took them to actually say that with a straight face. No, MSNBC doesn’t have “a perspective.” They have propaganda. I don’t watch them because I’m not bulimic; I don’t like throwing up.

It’s the same way they attacked Rush Limbaugh. Obama started it months ago. But now with made-up quotes that Limbaugh never said, they’ve blocked him from purchasing a football franchise. Welcome to Chicago-style politics.

First they came for Rush Limbaugh, but we didn’t speak up because we weren’t the highest-rated talk-show host in America. Then they came for Fox News, and we didn’t speak up because we were all just watching with our mouths hanging open in disbelief.

Even CNN has recognized the evil. Even they pointed out that we have a president who will talk with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad but not Fox News. No, they want to assault the one television network that won’t march in lockstep with the rest of Obama’s media minions they “absolutely control.”

State-controlled media. Aargh. Diversity czar Mark Lloyd said Hugo Chavez’s “incredible” and “dramatic” revolution is something to be admired. Take from the private citizens and give to the government. And now Lloyd is in a position to live out his dream.

The state-run media has its glitches: Rush Limbaugh and Fox News. That’s why Obama wants a real state-run media. That’s right, completely owned and operated by the government, with him at the helm. That’s why the “newspaper bailout” is being planned and discussed, so we don’t have all those blogs the president dislikes so much.

Oh yes, that’s why they want control of the Internet. This isn’t just wrong; it’s downright evil.

Despite all of this government control of media, Obama is still having difficulty getting through his government takeover of our health and our lives. Most don’t want it, despite what 99 percent of the “news” is reporting. The same is true of their thought-crime legislation, phony global-warming-inspired control-and-tax legislation and more socialist spending.

I have an idea. Let’s release a big silver balloon shaped like a saucer and tell everybody that the health-care bills are in it. Let’s throw in the hate-crimes legislation, control-and-tax bill and the rest of their socialist spending. Then count the seconds until it’s shot down from the sky by freedom lovers and Second Amendment supporters everywhere.

The only problem is with all the thousands of pages of lethal legislation they want to pass in Congress, our balloon wouldn’t be able to fly, even with all the hot air in Washington.

We can’t wait until next November to send our message. We need to act now before it’s too late. In three weeks more than 3 million personalized messages have been delivered to Congress – building a wall of resistance – a pink wall. I believe that www.SendCongressAPinkSlip.com is the easiest and most effective way to stop them in their tracks and draw attention to something called consequences. Help stop the evil by building a firewall. It’s never been easier or more effective.