As government-run health care, cap-and-trade, new bailout and more welfare programs are forced through a Congress too arrogant to read its own bills, the question is: Will a majority of Americans continue to sit by apathetically with a “Gee, I hear that the ‘stimulus plan’ is starting to work” attitude – or will they grow up, get their heads out of the clouds, and join in the fight to rid Washington of its political-criminal elements?

Alert the media: Nothing this collectivist government does will work! More government takeovers, bailouts, spending, regulating and taxing guarantee only one thing: complete financial collapse of what’s left of the U.S. economy.

Americans have often been accused of being a nation of sheep. Personally, I think that’s a bad rap on sheep. Sheep are passive creatures who have never asked for anything from anyone. Gene Wilder even fell in love with a sheep in Woody Allen’s “Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Sex* (*But Were Afraid to Ask).”

No, Americans are not a nation of sheep. The truth is that the U.S. is a nation overrun by what the late, great Eric Hoffer referred to as “labor fakers.” As state workers used to put it in the good old days of communist Poland: “Whether you stand up or lie down, you get paid just the same.” More simply put: “They pretend to pay us a wage, and we pretend to work.”

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Sounds like that could have come from a General Motors “worker.” You know, the guys who used to get paid for reporting to a “Jobs Bank” every day to play cards, read and watch television. It was fun for a long time, but actions have consequences, and the result is that there is no more U.S. auto industry. General Motors and Ford are now nothing more than transfer-of-wealth programs. But make no mistake about it: The Age of the Labor Faker is still in full bloom.

Even so, none of this would be impossible to overcome if it were not for the fact that more people are trying to get on the Labor Faker Train every day, while no one appears to have any interest in getting off. And at some point in time (soon), that train is going to become so overloaded that the engine – i.e., the producers of this country – will not be able to pull it.

Is there a solution? Yes – educating the public. But with the Obamaviks ever more rapidly tightening their grip on our remaining freedoms, time is running out. It is critical for every productive individual not only to help expose the labor faker, but to spread the word that the cost of government largesse is the loss of our most precious asset: liberty.

In “The Liberal Mind,” Dr. Lyle H. Rossiter gives us some insight into how so many people bought into the seemingly self-evident absurdity that they could live the good life without working – that their neighbors would foot the bill for them:

The adult citizen’s dependent attachment to government comes at an enormous price: the constant growth of the politician’s power to gratify his constituents is paralleled by a constant growth in his power to dominate them. Unfortunately, the resulting decline in the citizens’ freedom is gradual enough to avoid alarming them.

The liberal agenda’s favors seduce the people a little at a time, always playing on their regressive longings to be indulged. Favor by favor, accompanied by the constant drumbeat of entitlement propaganda, the otherwise intelligent citizen is led to an increasingly erroneous conception of the proper role of government in a free society. Like a child molester, the liberal politician grooms his constituents until their natural cautions against yielding power in exchange for favors dissolves in reassurance.

Why do people allow themselves to be so duped? … Despite a general tendency toward increasingly realistic perceptions of the world as they grow up, children easily acquire misconceptions about human nature and the realities of human life, about the nature of government, and about the economic, social and political processes that characterize modern societies. …

Some of these misconceptions can be attributed to simple ignorance. But some of them arise from neurotic and other irrational mental processes and not from lack of knowledge per se. … Some are characterized by delusions of grandeur, or infantile claims to entitlement, indulgence and compensation.

Because I believe that BHO is a sincere revolutionary, I warned everyone who cared to listen, clear back when he was running in the primaries against Hillary, that he should be taken at his word. While he is superbly talented when it comes to talking with a lack of specificity, just those few things that he honestly shared with the American public at that time all but guaranteed that the invisible depression we have been experiencing for decades would soon become visible.

Perhaps we are fortunate that sooner turned out to be the case, because it has caused millions of Americans to emerge from their artificial-prosperity slumber. But if millions more persist in their infantile claims of entitlement, indulgence and compensation, we will all pay for their misguided view of reality with a loss of our remaining liberty.

No matter how draining it may be, you owe it to yourself and your family to try to explain this reality to everyone who is willing to give you a hearing. We need all liberty hands on deck. Beck, Hannity, et al. can’t do it alone.

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