America has just suffered the deadliest day of the war in Afghanistan in more than four years, but Obama doesn’t have time to worry about that. He’s focused on another war: the war against his political enemies. The assault on Rush Limbaugh was just for starters. Today’s victim: Fox News.

It’s not enough that four-fifths of the news networks march in lockstep to the Obama administration and have turned from being the watchdogs to Obama lapdogs. During the campaign, they went from being biased to becoming activists for Obama.

Obama’s communications director, Anita Dunn, was, for the most part, right when she bragged about having “absolute control” of the media. And no doubt she turned to her favorite philosopher, Mao Zedong, for advice to bring the others into submission. Maybe she consulted with Diversity Czar Mark Lloyd, whose hero is Hugo Chavez, another great role model for the wonderful job he did of controlling the media. All while FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski works to censor and regulate the Internet.

Obama prefers to call it “Chicago-style politics,” like when he pressured all his political opponents out of running for “his seat” in the Illinois Senate. Like when Obama took over the auto industry, the insurance industry, the banks and school loans. Now he is reaching out to grab hold of health care, energy and speech.

Constant crisis keeps things moving – as Rahm Emanuel reminded us, we wouldn’t want to let a good crisis go to waste. New government grabs divert attention from all the others, as well as any discussion of the 10-percent unemployment rate, Obama’s failed stimulus package or the attack on our free-enterprise system, the dollar, our freedoms and the American dream.

So what if 14 Americans were killed yesterday? Obama is more interested in silencing his political adversaries.

He sent his henchmen Dunn, Axelrod and Emanuel out to try and discredit Fox last week. The goal: Target your opponent and flatter your friends. “They’re not real news,” “like your network.” And as David Axelrod told ABC: “Other news organizations like yours ought not treat them that way.”

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Can’t have the media report on any of the stories that Fox breaks. For complete control, they must not only silence them, but stop the flow of information.

Only this time it backfired. This time they crossed the line, and all the networks stood up to Obama and said so. Maybe they realized that today they are excluding Fox, tomorrow it might be them – should they ever decide to stray from the Obama party line.

But then Rep. Joe Wilson was vindicated when the Obama administration acted like they never tried to exclude Fox from the press pool.

A Treasury Department spokesperson told Mediaite: “There was no plot to exclude Fox News, and they had the same interview that their competitors did. Much ado about absolutely nothing.”

So Fox said they were excluded initially, and the Obama administration said they weren’t. The Obama administration is so used to going unchecked that they thought they could get away with it this time, too. Enter CBS.

Yes, CBS, an unlikely ally of Fox, stood up to the Obama administration with the truth.

On the Oct. 23 “CBS Evening News,” CBS senior political correspondent Jeff Greenfield reported: “On Thursday, the Treasury Department tried to exclude Fox News from pool coverage of interviews from one of its key officials. It backed down after strong protests from the press.”

This statement was followed by CBS White House reporter Chip Reid, who said: “All the networks said that’s it, you’ve crossed the line.”

That’s when the Obama administration backed down and let Fox back in the loop. Let me summarize:

Fox: Obama excluded us.

Obama: Did not.

CBS: Did so.

Meanwhile, “Pay Czar” Kenneth Feinberg – the guy the interview was with – gets a free ride for cutting salaries in the private sector by as much as 90 percent without any legal right to do so.

CBS’ reaction was reminiscent of Reid and veteran reporter Helen Thomas (Hearst News Service) in July calling White House press secretary Robert Gibbs on the carpet.

Reid began the questioning about the “town-hall meeting” Obama was to hold on health care. But it was not a town-hall meeting, but rather a prepackaged, scripted, propaganda piece just like we saw during the campaign.

That’s when Helen Thomas joined in with, “I’m amazed at you people who call for openness and transparency. …” She was interrupted before she could call the administration on “a pattern of controlling the press.” She said it well: “Your formal engagements [are] prepackaged”; “It is shocking.”

Gibbs tried to be glib but failed miserably. She wasn’t about to “e-mail her question to be preselected” as Gibbs had suggested. She responded to Gibbs’ bewilderment about what she could possibly mean by controlling the press. How about “calling reporters the night before to tell them they’re going to be called on?”

Gibbs tried to call on someone else who answered, “I’m going to wait for Helen.”

The free press acting in an unscripted way. It was a beautiful thing to behold.

Just like the free speech exercised across this country in unscripted town-hall meetings and tea parties. Obama and his henchmen want to silence you, too.

Want to know what I believe is the very best way to fight back? Fight back in the way Sen. Jim DeMint calls a “wake-up call.” Tell Congress that you don’t want this agenda of government control of health care, energy, speech or any more spending in a way they can’t ignore at One click will deliver by FedEx 535 individualized messages to every member of Congress – by name – from you. In just four weeks, 4 million pink slips have been delivered, filling up their offices and spilling out into the hallways.

Finally, do something they can’t ignore. Do it now while there’s still time.

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