"Colonel Sanders" at U.N. General Assembly
“Colonel” at U.N. General Assembly

UNITED NATIONS – The embarrassing infiltration into the headquarters of the United Nations – to the very podium where President Obama spoke – by an actor portraying KFC founder “Colonel” Harland Sanders has sparked an “investigation.”

The incident first was reported by WND on Oct. 24, and it continues to cause problems for Ban Ki-moon’s U.N.

The situation developed when Robert Thompson, an actor hired by KFC parent Yum Brands Inc., was spearheading a new campaign to promote KFC grilled chicken.

According to Thompson, a retired mayor of Lawrenceburg, Ky., who has portrayed Sanders on many occasions, he had no plans to “invade” U.N. headquarters. The publicity stunt was set up to offer “UN-fried” chicken to U.N. staff members – as a way of promoting the “Grilled Nation” of chicken.

Said Thompson, “A man wearing a U.N. badge approached me and asked to take a photo.” Shortly thereafter, the “Colonel” found himself with an armed escort traveling unchallenged into U.N. headquarters.

To his surprise, the “Colonel” was given a “personal VIP tour of the United Nations” by his new-found escort.

Not only did Thompson mount the General Assembly podium, but he was also given a brief audience with the GA president and an official photo op with him.

Only when the “Colonel” approached the Security Council area and attempted to address some reporters did the U.N.’s security control room react to the apparent security breach.

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Since then, the international organization has been trying to assemble an explanation.

At first, U.N. deputy spokesman Farhan Haq tried to insist that the “Colonel” was an “unapproved” guest of someone representing a non-governmental organization. But Haq refused to identify the organization.

Meanwhile, U.N. lawyers were dropping hints that legal action might be taken against Yum Brands and Thompson.

"Colonel" with U.N. General Assembly President
“Colonel” with General Assembly president

Then word got out that Thompson reported he was “voluntarily” escorted into the U.N. compound as an “invited” guest of a U.N. security officer.

Deputy spokesman Haq then changed his official position and admitted a breakdown in U.N. security was in fact responsible for the Thompson incident.

But while Haq was backtracking, his boss, U.N. spokeswoman Michelle Montas, said she “knew nothing” about the latest turn of events.

Meanwhile, senior members of the diplomatic corps are “furious” over the incident.

One veteran ambassador said that he never believed the U.N. story that “Colonel” Sanders had breached security.

“He could never get into the building without an approved escort … impossible. He had to have an escort,” the long-time diplomat said.

But among the unanswered questions is who is the security officer who admitted and escorted Thompson?

A videotape of the incident shot by UNTV, clearly identifying the mysterious security officer, suddenly has apparently “disappeared,” officials said.

Ban Ki-moon reportedly was “upset,” and Haq said an investigation was launched.

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