In another month or so, millions will be reading the Nativity story – the one so well-chronicled by gospel-writer Luke.

It’s amazing to me that the details of a birth that took place nearly 2,000 years ago are so precise – complete with genealogical records dating back eons.

Yet, today, even the most basic birth information about the man occupying arguably the most powerful office in the world is murky – and ever-changing.

Nevertheless, if you dare to ask questions about Barack Obama’s birth, even questions about facts required to establish his constitutional eligibility for office, you will be pilloried, ridiculed, written off as a wacko, characterized as a “fringe” extremist, even labeled a “racist.”

What raises this issue for me, again, is the fact that even Barack and Michelle Obama are telling two entirely contradictory stories about his birth – and even this raises no questions in the minds of uniformly unquestioning media types.

In case you missed it, Michelle Obama stated at a public event last year during the campaign that Barack Obama’s mother was unmarried when she gave birth.

Now, I don’t really care, except for the fact that Barack Obama has told a different story – in his autobiography and elsewhere.

Is it important in and of itself? No.

But what’s important to note is that there is no documentation to ascertain the facts.

And that’s what the so-called “birther” issue is all about.

Yes, I am nearly alone among the press in demanding that Barack Obama actually produce some evidence that he is eligible to serve as president. I also insist on seeing documentation of other claims he has made about his life – school records, travel records, health records, selective service registration records and so on.


This may be a shocker for my colleagues in the media, but politicians sometimes don’t tell the truth.

Not only are the news media doggedly non-curious about establishing the facts, they seem manifestly hell-bent on extinguishing any curiosity among others.

Night after night on cable television, MSNBC, CNN and Fox hosts all sing the same tune, dance to the same beat, march to the same drummer.


I guess they want to be accepted by their peers. I guess they want to seem like they are informed. I guess they want to seem “mainstream.” I guess they don’t really care about truth, evidence, documentation, facts, reality.

Let’s face it: If Michelle and Barack Obama can’t even get their stories straight about the marital status of his parents, why should we simply accept that they were his parents? Why should we accept the official story of where he was born? Why should we accept that he is constitutionally eligible to serve as president as a natural born citizen? Why isn’t everyone, including those who like Barack Obama, demanding that he address this question head-on and lay out the proof for the American people?

Is there any question in anyone’s mind, at this point, that this issue is not going away?

Is there any question in anyone’s mind, at this point, that this issue will continue to haunt Barack Obama’s presidency and his agenda for the next three years?

Is there any question in anyone’s mind, at this point, that this issue will plague him right through his re-election effort in 2012?

Is there any question in anyone’s mind, at this point, with Obama having spent at least $1.7 million in fighting legal efforts aimed at producing the evidence, that he is definitely hiding something?

I have never been more convinced that I am right and nearly all my colleagues are wrong.

I don’t know why so many of them are actively engaged in a cover-up, but that is the only way to describe their lemming-like behavior.

If you agree with me and disagree with them, I’m going to ask you once again for support.

Here’s what you can do to make a difference:

Don’t be afraid this issue is going to blow up in your face. Seek the truth – you can never go wrong. Obama is hiding something – something very important to him and his character and reputation if not his eligibility. Let’s find out what it is.

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