Have you ever been strolling down the aisle of a retail store and wondered why they don’t have an “American Aisle” where you could find products made only in the United States?

If you’re like me, you probably look through several products in stores to find “Made in USA” on them, and you’re not interested in searching until you can find one that says “Made in China.”

Well, now you can shop in an entire store where nothing is made in China or anywhere else beyond our great American shores by looking up AmericanAisle.com or, if you happen to live in the Chicagoland area, dropping by the actual brick-and-mortar aisles of the American Aisle store!

American Aisle carries an inventory that is 90 percent from small businesses across America, businesses surviving in a cut-throat economy due to their ingenuity, creativity and passion.

By visiting AmericanAisle.com (or visiting their store in Round Lake, Ill.), you’ll find some of the most exclusive products you ever will find under one roof. You’ll see kitchen and glass products from Ohio and Texas, tools from Illinois and Wisconsin, wooden toys and games from Vermont and Kansas, bath and body products from California, leather products from North Carolina, pottery and balsam products from Maine, and woolen hats and journals from Michigan.

I’ve got my eye on a set of rhinestone patriotic earrings for my wife for just $12.99. My wife originally is from Romania, but she has more American patriotism in her little finger than many born-and-bred Americans do in their entire bodies. You know – the Americans who could care less where anything is made or about the impact their purchasing decisions have on America’s struggling economy. So I guess it isn’t all that ironic that Nitai Pandya, who emigrated from India years ago, is the founder of American Aisle.

It started up in 2008, the same year as the Wall Street meltdown, and despite the economic stimulus to all the banks, none was in a lending mood to allocate money where it would most be needed – a business selling American-made products that would support American jobs and put Americans (who probably have bank accounts at American banks) back to work!

Whatever it is you find that you like at AmericanAisle.com, simply by typing “HTBA” while checking out, you’ll save an additional 10 percent off the purchase price.

Rhinestone earrings don’t fit the bill for you this Christmas? How about one of the American-made toys, like the Fractiles I bought for my nephew last year? Or maybe one of the wooden building sets available? These are not Lincoln Logs, which are now made in China, by the way.

Everyone can use something for the kitchen. Check out American Aisle’s microwavable cookware (most are priced under $10) or maybe a quality, American-made cutting board.

Everyone can agree on one thing – that it’s a tough economy out there. It’s tough not only for consumers but business owners as well (who also have roles as consumers). Let’s not make a tough economy tougher on everyone by sending our money (and quite often sending our jobs) to foreign lands to support foreign producers.

By supporting American Aisle, you’re doing more than supporting American workers – you’re supporting an all-American, small business retailer! And this is one retailer, when it’s time to play a role as a consumer, that is going to keep American dollars in America where they should be.

One doesn’t have to be a genius to understand that unless we produce enough domestically, we will not be able to sustain our economic independence in the long run. Buying American is more than just about money, jobs, and production; it’s about independence as well.

Buying American is absolutely the best stimulus system one could devise. I know that when I do business with someone, if I don’t know their spending habits, I look at the car they drive because I want to know what they might likely do with my money in the future. If they’re driving a foreign car, it indicates to me they’re likely to send my money someplace I don’t want it to go. That’s why supporting a company like American Aisle adds a component not usually considered when considering how to best buy American.

I hope you’ll visit AmericanAisle.com, and don’t forget to take 10 percent off your order by entering “HTBA” during the checkout process. That will make those $12.99 rhinestone patriotic earrings – or whatever patriotic purchase you make – just a little bit less expensive.

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