What happens when groups work together? You end up with more than 4 million pink slips delivered to Congress that are two and a half times taller than the Washington Monument – that’s what.

What if there were one place you could go to see all that’s happening on the front lines – no matter who was leading the charge? There is. You’ve heard me say it before, but it bears repeating, especially with today being Election Day. Just what’s happening?

Maine has marriage on the ballot, and it was put there by the good guys. They want a “yes” vote on Issue 1 to protect marriage between one man and one woman, and I, for one, hope they get it. It will repeal the distorted definition and protect the sacred institution that every shred of social science research shows is the safest place for women, the healthiest place for men, and the very best place for children: in a marriage between one man and one woman.

In Ohio it’s a “no” vote on Issue 3 to keep from gambling away Ohio’s future. David Miller, vice president of Citizens for Community Values, clarified just what is going on in my home state on yesterday’s F2A radio program. Two out-of-state casino companies are putting their business plans on the Ohio ballot to take Ohio money back with them to Pennsylvania and Michigan. All the while they look into the cameras and make claims about how they want to prevent Ohioans from taking Ohio money across state lines. They don’t want Ohioans to do it because they want to do it – in their own wallets.

Miller stated that about 5 percent of people end up with a gambling addiction, which affects 10-17 innocent people per addict. He said another 6-20 percent suffer from problems associated with gambling. Americans spend more money on gambling than groceries – not something we’d like to facilitate in these Obama-economic times. Miller stated that for every dollar of “benefit” for the state, Ohio would incur $3 in loss to overcome the damage gambling leaves in its wake. I’m not a gambler, but those aren’t the kind of odds worth betting on.

I do know a little something about what happens when gambling moves in – I have a casino down the street from me. I can always tell when I’m getting close – I see the pawn shops, adult video shops, check cashing sites and seedy businesses. Vote no on Issue 3, Ohio. I want to recognize my state when I come back.

In Washington state, the good guys are urging voters to “Reject 71,” which would reject faulty domestic-partnership benefits that drain valuable and scarce state resources to subsidize homosexual relationships. It’s all the benefits of marriage without the name. For people to say they’re against redefining marriage but are for forcing domestic-partnership benefits is kind of like being against slavery but for indentured servitude. Same thing, different name. To be consistent, if you’re against redefining marriage, you should also be against domestic partnerships draining the state of all the benefits of marriage.

Here’s a fun fact: While pushing for domestic-partnership benefits in corporations and ballots across America, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force couldn’t afford the expense of providing domestic-partnership benefits for their own employees. I reported this little gem from the homosexual newspaper, the Washington Blade, in my book, “The Criminalization of Christianity.”

Now, think about this for a minute. If bringing insurance benefits to your “partner” is “prohibitively expensive” for the homosexual lobby pushing it on everyone else, what might “homosexual marriage” do to the bank? According to Dr. James Dobson, in his book “Marriage Under Fire,” granting same-sex “marriage” benefits threatens to break it. “The health-care system will stagger and perhaps collapse. This could be the straw that breaks the back of the insurance industry in Western nations, as millions of new dependents become eligible for coverage. Every HIV-positive patient needs only to find a partner to receive the same coverage as offered to an employee. It is estimated … that drastic increases in premiums can be anticipated and that it may not be profitable for companies to stay in business.”

If it would bankrupt the state, think about what it would do to the nation if government-controlled health care is passed. Sorry, grandma, you’re out; Bruce’s domestic partner with AIDS is in.

In New York’s 23rd Congressional District, there is a lesson that I hope is heeded by the Republican Party. They must learn it before 2010 or they simply will not win. That message is: It’s not the letter behind your name that people care about, it’s the values they’re voting for. If they keep picking the kind of candidates who throw their support to a Democrat, all they’re going to get is a bunch of dead RINOs. Go Doug Hoffman – show them what the voters want.

Find out what’s on the ballot in the election today at www.f2a.org at the 2009 Voter Guide Link under the “Events Section.” It’s a combination of research from several groups all in one place. Tap into it. It’s what Faith2Action does on issues every day. Then forward to your voting friends in the key states below.

MAINE — Voting on the Issue of Marriage

NEW JERSEY — Election for Governor

NEW YORK — Congressional District 23 Special Election / Courts / Ballot Proposals

OHIO — Three Ballot Issues including Casinos

PENNSYLVANIA — Judges for Statewide, Common Pleas Courts

TEXAS — Amendments to the State Constitution

VIRGINIA — Election for Governor

WASHINGTON — Referendum on Domestic Partnership Benefits

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