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Pelosi's 'final solution'

Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich., recently expressed his belief that Madam Speaker Pelosi is “not happy” with him because of his opinion that there should be a prohibition of federally financed abortions. Pelosi knows that Americans are against this federal abortion funding initiative, yet her party is wheeling a Trojan horse into this health-care bill, and Rep. Stupak, a member of her own army, is standing on the ramparts to warn of the threat. This is treason in the eyes of Pelosi.

But as Americans, what do we see? A principled politician. That’s quite an oxymoron, but we are witnessing an elected man defend his convictions in spite of party intimidation, imminent excommunication and potential crucifixion. If only more politicians would stand up for what they believe, or more importantly, what their constituency believes, the federal abortion initiative would have left the table long ago.

The abortion-funding issue is not about Roe v. Wade. It is not about poor women who need but can’t afford abortions. It is about federal tax dollars and a dark ideology.

It is, at least to some extent, about using those dollars to legitimize and support a morally questionable practice that keeps our country divided. It is an unwanted mandate that all Americans pay for something that most do not want, because it is irresponsible, expensive and could be a stepping stone to abortion as a form of birth control.

And of course, Pelosi and her ilk are looking to figuratively spit in the face of Christian America, and say, “You’re paying to kill these fetuses whether you like it or not.”

But here’s the kicker. Sure, she would love to stick it to the backward Christians and make them pay for what she wants. But much deeper and more sinister than that, it’s about allocating excessive funds for all abortions performed, so the excess can be laundered in obscure bureaucracy to pay for special interests.

This is the natural tendency of government to manipulate the will and finances of the people to serve its own ends, and thwarting this tendency is the very reason our Constitution was penned. Given that this administration has sought to circumvent constitutional measures by using fear and vilification of George W. Bush, we should no longer be surprised by their power grabs. Yet there are many Americans keeping a euphoric optimism that this government is somehow different, that political power is not in the interest of this benevolent administration, despite the telltale signs to the contrary.

Most important, however, are the moral implications of the abortion-funding agenda of the Democratic Party, which positions itself as the Party of “humanitarianism.” Aside from money and vengeance against the Christians that opposed their rise to power, there is an even darker and more suggestively evil ambition at play with this administration. There’s something macabre about Pelosi saying that birth control, and now abortion, are the best ways to stem the public cost of education and welfare. With her statements, she has devalued the welfare recipient from being a “life” to being a “fiscal burden,” and suggests that we kill their unborn babies before they reach this earth so that they will not plague society with useless cost. And she is using our economic downturn to warrant this initiative.

There’s something awfully reminiscent here of Nazism’s plan to sterilize the mentally ill and all those they thought to be inconsequential to society. Only in this case, it is not religion, race, or deformities that are used as a basis for societal extinguishment. Rather, it is an entire social caste that she looks to cut off at the quick.

How disgustingly ironic that she claims to champion this very group of Americans that she would sterilize. And how sad it is that there are Americans that consider this to be “humanitarianism.”


William Sullivan is an investment adviser in Houston, Texas, whose work has been published in various local newspapers.