The head of an organization fighting plans to grant amnesty to perhaps tens of millions of illegal aliens in the U.S. has launched a campaign for a series of “tea parties” Nov. 14 to let Washington know what Americans want.

“I’m not going to mince words,” said William Gheen, chief of Americans for Legal Immigration, “We are calling for a peaceful, political revolution and uprising in America now.”

Dozens of events already have been planned, but more are needed, Gheen said today. That’s simply because while President George W. Bush’s plans for immigration reform and amnesty for illegals were bad for America, he said, under President Obama the situation is deteriorating quickly.

“The globalists that are behind illegal immigration intend to replace heartland Americans with new voters who previously were illegal aliens,” Gheen told WND. “If that occurs it won’t matter what your issue is, they will control that voting population, effectively destroying the conservative base of the Republican Party. … There will be no peaceful or political hope for future immigration enforcement of the borders of the United States.

“It will be a country that no longer exists,” he said. “It will be the coup de grace.”

Under the banner of the website, where details about the times and locations are listed, events are being planned nationwide. Already plans have been confirmed for:

  • Phoenix, Ariz., 10 a.m. on the state Capitol grounds at 1700 W. Washington St.

  • Los Banos, Calif., 11 a.m. at 903 E. Pacheco Blvd. near Los Banos County Park
  • Pasadena, Calif., 10 a.m. at 100 N. Garfield Ave.
  • San Diego, Calif., 11 a.m. at 100 Tuna Lane “Tuna Harbor Park”
  • San Francisco, Calif., 11 a.m. at Fisherman’s Wharf Pier 39
  • Santa Maria, Calif., 11 a.m. at Bradley Road & Betteravia Road
  • Denver, Colo., 10 a.m. at 500 E. Colfax Ave.
  • Durango, Colo., 1 p.m. at 149 S. Camino Del Rio Santarita Park
  • Fort Lauderdale, Fla., 1 p.m. at North Federal Highway and East Oakland Park Boulevard
  • Sebring, Fla., 1 p.m. at 213 Circle Park Dr.
  • Post Falls, Idaho, noon at 5100 Riverbend Ave. Greyhound Park & Event Center
  • Chicago, 1 p.m. at Michigan Avenue and Madison Avenue
  • Wilbraham, Mass., 8 a.m. at 2001 Boston Road
  • Waterford, Mich., noon at 5100 Dixie Highway
  • St. Paul, Minn., 11 a.m. at 75 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
  • Dumont, N.J., 8 a.m. at Columbia Avenue and Washington Street
  • Raleigh, N.C., 2 p.m. at 16 W. Jones St.
  • Columbus, Ohio, 10 a.m. at 1 Capital Square
  • Maria Stein, Ohio, 2 p.m. at 8608 State Rt. 119
  • McAlester, Okla., noon at 500 S. George Nigh Expressway
  • Hazleton, Pa., 2 p.m. at 40 N. Church St.
  • Fort Worth, Texas, noon at 100 E. Weatherford St.
  • Alexandria, Va., 11 a.m. at 333 N. Fairfax St.
  • Sterling, Va., 1 p.m. at 21660 N. Sterling Blvd.

The organization said that while most polls show a supermajority of Americans “of every race and political affiliation oppose any form of amnesty or path to citizenship for illegal aliens,” Obama already is moving that direction.

“Like Bush, he is creating amnesty without congressional or public approval by suspending enforcement of most of our existing immigration laws! The latest news reports indicate Obama has recently stopped work site enforcement, stopped local police from enforcing immigration laws, stopped Arizona Sheriff [Joe] Arpaio from arresting illegal aliens, and now intends to release illegal aliens in custody from detention centers as a prelude to his comprehensive amnesty.

“We find his actions to be authoritarian, dictatorial, and a violation of both the letter and the spirit of the U.S. Constitution and his own oath of office. Obama is depriving all Americans of representation for those who are taxed, and is violating public trust at a time we need every job and taxpayer resource for Americans!” the group’s website says.

“It is time for Americans to stand together in unity to insist that citizen control of our government be re-established and that the requirements of the U.S. Constitution, which empowers Congress to create uniform immigration laws and the president to enforce them, be respected!”

Gheen told WND there’s an urgency because U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez has announced plans to introduce an amnesty bill to Congress by the end of this month. He said while it may not be addressed immediately, by spring of 2010 it’s expected to be on an Obama fast-track much like the health care proposal now.

Gheen said his organization has worked with lobbying, telephone calls and e-mails in the past. But the situation now “is getting so unstable that we feel it’s important for people to get in the streets and organize in a civil fashion.”


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