When I read NBC’s “Law & Order” was airing an episode last week “ripped from the headlines” of an abortionist shot in church, i.e., Dr. George Tiller, I, of course, anticipated the plot would not go well for pro-lifers. The most I expected was milliseconds of fairness with pro-abortion clichés ruling the hour.

My, was I surprised. I could have written that script. The episode wasn’t even balanced. It was outright pro-life, not that I mind.

If you haven’t seen the episode, you should. Sans commercials it is only 42 minutes long.

Briefly, the story begins with a pro-life renegade shooting a late-term abortionist in church. Detectives eventually find the shooter, portrayed as angry and not typical of the loving pro-lifers who routinely picket the abortionist’s mill.

We learn one of the detectives was born prematurely after his mother threw herself down the stairs, providing an anti-abortion “It’s a Wonderful Life” moment to reflect.

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One reason the shooter is compelled to kill Dr. Benning when he does is because Benning is scheduled the following day to kill a 28-week preborn baby who has a non-life-threatening skin condition.

The judge hearing the murder case agrees to allow testimony attempting to justify the shooter’s actions.

A nurse describes Dr. Benning killing a born baby by stabbing him in the nape of the neck after he slipped out before the abortion could be completed.

The courtroom scene of the mother explaining why she chose to deliver her fatally ill child rather than abort would convince just about anyone in her shoes that this is the right path.

Even preborn children whose fathers are rapists are defended against abortion. And the validity of the Roe v. Wade decision is questioned.

I mean, pro-life apologetics burst from this show’s seams. In fact, writers went further than pro-lifers ever would by attempting to validate the late-term abortionist’s murder.

Pro-abort reaction was swift and harsh. Sarah Seltzer at the Ted-Turner-funded blog RH Reality Check called the episode an “abortion disaster” and “wasteland of TV.”

Kate Harding at Salon accused NBC of spreading “anti-choice propaganda” and “smear[ing] the memory of … Dr. Tiller.”

Ms. Magazine was “appalled by this second assassination” of Dr. Tiller, calling the show “shocking” and “insensitive.”

Jennifer Boulanger at Women and Hollywood called the show “deeply stigmatizing” and “rife with medical inaccuracies.”

On and on.

The question is: How did this story line come to pass?

Mention was made in the episode that pro-lifers now outnumber pro-aborts, a reference to the May Gallup poll finding 51 percent of Americans now call themselves pro-life while only 42 percent say they are pro-choice. Is “Law & Order” trying to boost ratings by emulating Fox?

Or was this NBC’s attempt to balance bias dating back 18 years, when during “Law & Order”‘s first season an episode focused on the bombing of an abortion mill? Or that season five left-leaner about the murder of another abortionist?

Pro-aborts seem to think Hollywood got squirmy about abortion after “Dirty Dancing.”

And it appears true. There has been much analysis in recent years by both sides noting the pro-life bent of television and big-screen story lines.

Movie mothers in crisis pregnancies either find a way not to abort, going on to live happily ever after, or conveniently miscarry.

It even turns out that villainess Erica Kane of the soap, “All My Children,” didn’t have television’s first landmark abortion in 1973 after all.

In 2006 we learned her embryo was stolen, implanted in another woman, and now stood before her as dashing Dr. Josh Madden.

Never mind “Law & Order.” It’s pretty bad when even the most wicked soap opera character of all time can’t withstand the reputation of aborting.

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