And ever Wormtongue’s whispering was in your ears, poisoning your thought, chilling your heart, weakening your limbs, while others watched and could do nothing, for your will was in his keeping. But when I escaped and warned you then the mask was torn for those who would see. After that Wormtongue played dangerously, always seeking to delay you, to prevent your full strength from being gathered. He was craftily dulling men’s wariness, or working on their fears, as served the occasion.

– Gandalf, in J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings,” Book III, Chapter 6

GOP leaders like to pretend they handpick left-leaning nominees for office out of some kind of political necessity. Anyone tempted to believe them should ponder the bizarre mess they created in the special election just held in New York’s 23rd Congressional District. A seat that should have been a safe bet for the GOP is to be occupied by a Democrat instead, simply because the Steele/Boehner Republican bosses put up a candidate whose positions on the issues of Republican principle waved a contemptuous red flag in the face of the conservative moral constituency that is, in electoral terms, the bull elephant of the Republican herd. It was a choice so stupid that it awakened in me vigilant instincts from my days as a high-level Reagan appointee in the U.S. State Department, serving in the trenches of bureaucratic warfare. The personnel at State are generally of high caliber. When they produced a blatantly incompetent result, I made it a rule to assume, for tactical purposes, that someone intended it to happen (since no one as intelligent as the average FSO would do anything so stupid.) My task was to identify and thwart that source of bureaucratic opposition (often sadly within the staff or bureau I was responsible for).

With this rule in mind, what would we say of the events that just transpired in New York’s 23rd? Well, some folks saw a reasonably safe GOP seat as a chance to slip a pro-abortion wolf into the Republican congressional fold. When GOP leaders like Michael Steele or John Boehner talk about wanting “moderates” in the GOP, they may not be paying lip service to tolerance for the sake of appearances. They may be stating their strategic political goal. Perhaps from their viewpoint, the deeply held conservative convictions of the grass-roots core of conservative voters is like the critical mass of radioactive material needed to produce a nuclear fission reaction. These voters are indispensably necessary for the GOP’s electoral success, but under no circumstances must their political activity be allowed to produce an explosion of authentic conservative results. Instead, every opportunity must be used to insert “moderates” into positions of influence who (like the control rods in a nuclear reactor) will absorb and channel conservative political energy to produce a controlled reaction that results in sustained political power for the party elite. The label “moderate,” therefore, doesn’t refer to candidates’ political views (which on issues like abortion and homosexual marriage are anything but moderate). It refers to their political effect.

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In this scenario, whenever possible nominations for safe-bet GOP seats should go to “moderates.” By contrast, nominations should be left open to “true believer” conservatives mainly in situations where an opposite-leaning electorate forces them into reliance on the money and influence of individuals with contrary views on the “red meat” issues of principle that can truly rouse and motivate the conservative grass roots. That way the “true believers” will be forced to play down or compromise (in the pejorative sense) their principled convictions or be abandoned by the power brokers opposed to those convictions. This approach might be mistaken for far-seeing statesmanship, except that it inevitably steers America into the hands of the most extreme elements of the far left. Enter the dragon, in the form of the Obamanation of political desolation.

For all their talk of opposition to the Democrat left, the core, defining commitment of these Republican Party bosses may well be their tacit opposition to the moral convictions of the conservative grass roots. This supposition makes sense of their determined efforts to belittle and silence the voices that most sincerely and coherently articulate views consistent with the moral inclinations and common sense of conservative voters. It makes sense of their otherwise irrational preference for promoting left-leaning “pro-choice moderates” (like Arnold Schwarzenegger or that deceptively incongruous Obama supporter, Colin Powell) into the public eye. It makes sense of their otherwise unaccountable unwillingness to draw out and rely on the electoral majority (evident once again this week in the vote to overturn the homosexual marriage law enacted by the Maine Legislature, under the influence of the state’s vanguard cultural elitists) that obviously exists based on the common grass-roots moral conviction against the move to discard the God-ordained natural family. The referendums on such issues generally produce conservative outcomes. So, if every political contest were turned into a referendum on such issues …

This doesn’t happen because a vanguard cultural elite, transcending party lines and ideological divisions, works to make sure it doesn’t. They backed Arlen Specter rather than the conservative, pro-life candidate being raised up by the conservative grass roots in Pennsylvania. They back Schwarzenegger rather than the conservative pro-life candidate being lifted up by the conservative grass roots in California. They back Trey Grayson rather than Bill Johnson, the Reagan conservative rising from among grass-roots conservatives in Kentucky. Would these vanguard elitists rather have a crypto-Islamic, national socialist with a predilection for Caesarism (the alien-sounding term “czar” applied to Obama’s unconstitutional White House dictators is just the Slavic rendering of Caesar) at the political helm than a genuine conservative who pays more than lip service to the belief in God and decent liberty that is characteristic of many American voters? The vanguard elitists sporting the Republican label happily gather and spend millions of dollars on the research and advertising needed to turn unappealing “moderate” mediocrities into viable candidates for office. Put behind conservatives really in tune with grass-roots conviction, fewer resources would produce a more assured result, calling forth the conservative majority artfully installed for purposes of manipulation behind the contrived façade of the current two-party electoral sham. The whole point of the sham is to prevent that majority from realizing its true strength.

Seen from this perspective it is clear that the Obama faction’s present ascendancy isn’t mainly due to anything the leftist Democrats have achieved. It’s due to what the false-flag “conservatives” of the Republican Party power structure have prevented true conservatives from achieving. Covertly or openly, they have been the “spoilers” of conservative victory who, like Tolkien’s Grima Wormtongue, poison the thought, weaken the heart and chill the limbs of the latent majority that may yet save the American republic. As the other Wormtongue did to the king of Rohan, so they do to the conservative constituency, acting to prevent its full strength from being gathered. Will destructive results from their artful fecklessness, like the thwarted conservative victory in New York’s 23rd Congressional District, finally be enough to loose their fatal hold over those friends of the republic still trapped in the delusion of GOP conservatism that is Republican in name only? Or will they simply allow a different cast of the same troupe of actors to credential themselves for another round in this tragicomic political charade? (I invite readers to peruse the article I posted on this subject on my Loyal to Liberty blog.) I guess it depends on whether tea partiers, as well as other conservatives now awakening, remember this: The patriots at the Boston Tea Party weren’t drinking tea, they were throwing it overboard. There’s a lesson in that when it comes to drinking the Kool-Aid being served up by the false-flag “conservatives” presently at the helm of the GOP.

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