Larry Klayman was the kid in school that raised his hand to remind the teacher that she promised to take away their recess if the class had been bad for the substitute teacher. They had been bad, Larry said through a lethal smile, and needed their recess taken away. Everyone in class hated Larry Klayman.

Even the teacher.

Today he’s still like that. Only the stakes are much bigger.

Klayman grew up to graduate with honors from Duke, got his law degree from Emory and became founder and chairman of Judicial Watch and later Freedom Watch, the watchdog organizations that became the thorn in the side of corruption in our nation’s government. These two groups kept a close watch on the judiciary, and became a true passion for Klayman in his tireless pursuit for justice. And know this: he doesn’t care which side of the political party you are on – he can’t be bought. He ignores the unwritten rules the party lines have drawn that enable one to climb the political ladders. He flat out doesn’t care if he never makes it to the top. He cares about the American people. It makes him impossible to sway.

In his provocative book, “Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment,” Klayman details how he took on the Clintons as his first case in the formation of Judicial Watch. Their illegal solicitation of defense funds became known as Chinagate: a tale involving threats, impeachment hearings, lawsuits, scandals, women, lies and media cover-ups. Add to the mix Travelgate and Filegate, and you have Judicial Watch in the heat of it. Like the bulldog he is, Klayman just wouldn’t let it go.

“Whores” tells how the Monica Lewinsky scandal actually kept Hillary out of jail by diversion:

“Yes, it was a miracle,” Klayman writes. “With its sex, lies and the semen-stained dress revealed for all to see, the media, seeing a chance to exploit the prurient angle of the scandal and boost ratings, quickly left Chinagate behind.”

Klayman has spent eight years fighting the corruption in the Clinton administration, followed by the W. era:

“Having violated every known concept of civil rights for American citizens, he created a nervous reaction to what the public came to wrongly view as ‘conservatism.'” Klayman writes. “W. did more for this country’s move to socialism than Marx or Mao could have ever done, by force or otherwise.”

In this scorching book (and rocking good read!) Klayman is one of those rare individuals who doesn’t waste precious energy soothing hurt feelings.

In a book full of juicy stories, the reader will find himself like a kid at Christmas, trying to decide which chapter to read first.

Me? I went straight to Chapter 13, “Media Whores,” and boy, I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, the tales about Fox News make the book well worth the price. And this is what makes Klayman so darned fascinating.

A man who champions real American values would almost certainly march in lockstep with Fox, considered the bastion of conservative thought in television news, some would say. But Klayman can smell a rat a mile away, and you will find his dealings with Fox most absorbing.

Again, such a stance – “outing” Fox News as something less than it claims to be – goes against the grain for most conservatives. Yet Klayman just follows the breadcrumbs of truth where they lead him. The guy is a partisan non-partisan – a true independent thinker and watchdog.

His brand of activism is actually refreshing and effective. Admitting that he campaigned for Jimmy Carter (in order to heal the country of the “cesspool” of the Nixon years), Klayman quickly discovered what a disaster that was, and came back strong to support Ronald Reagan.

So in the end, when you close the cover of “Whores,” you’ll be better informed, more vigilant and wiser. You’ll see the people in Washington for who they are, not who we wish they are.

The teacher may still not like Larry, but in that there is a teachable moment: swimming against the tide can be a noble calling, especially when the country is in danger.

In that way, Larry Klayman is a patriot of the highest order.

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