For 35 years, Cockpit USA has been a supplier of fine civilian and military apparel.

Now the pieces from the company’s classic American collection of quality goods are available from their New York headquarters to anywhere in America you happen to be.

In fact, much of the apparel, footwear and accessories for men, women and children are made in the USA to keep alive the Americana tradition that was made popular back in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.

These decades represent a time when quality goods made from the finest materials, functional details, tailored fits and designs defined American values.

For example, Cockpit USA is now offering a re-issue of its USAF A-2 flight jacket, which was last reintroduced by the United States Air Force in 1987, and the Air Force last contracted to make the item in 1943. This current version is proudly manufactured in the U.S. under contract from the U.S. Department of Defense.

For any of the many other items made in America from Cockpit USA, simply click on your selection and look for “Made in USA” in the description to know that you’re getting the authentic American-made quality version of the item.

Men can browse shirts, T-shirts, leather jackets, sheepskin jackets, textile/outerwear jackets, sweaters/hoodies, pants, and shorts.

Women can browse items like the B-3 bomber jacket, WWII Amelia jacket and the women’s motorcycle jacket. If you’ve had trouble finding an American-made leather jacket at your nearest Harley-Davidson store (I know many of them are imported) you’ll be happy to know this women’s motorcycle jacket from Cockpit USA is made in USA.

Cockpit USA also offers fine American-made military-style boots like the leather brown jump boot and the black military jump boot with the side zipper.

American-made accessories include a summer khaki cotton WWII officer’s crush cap with a unique “High Crown,” and a 1970s vintage crush cap featuring the flying tigers bullion crest. And how about their pilot’s silk scarf, which is the perfect complement to any flight jacket and is reminiscent of high flying daredevils like Lindbergh, Earhart and Wrong Way Corrigan in their open air cockpits in the ’20s and ’30s?

As owners of vintage and current aircraft, founders Jeff and Jacky Clyman want to make sure that every piece in their collection satisfied their passion for history and their belief in the importance of preserving our nation’s historical aviation and military history.

Their dedication to both the quality of their products and customer satisfaction is second to none. You’ll know this is true once you hear of their “unheard of” trade in policy.

You actually can send in your adult leather or sheepskin jacket with your order and payment for a new regular priced leather or sheepskin Cockpit jacket and take a $75 discount. Wearable jackets are donated to charity, so they ask that you please don’t ask for your “trade in” back. They also have a “30 Day Absolute Guarantee” where you can return any merchandise for a refund or an exchange.

Cockpit USA also offers a corporate or bulk discount program where you can get a full 15 percent discount off regular prices on purchases of six or more (per order) of any individual item in the catalog. They can even customize their stock jackets for special events or sales meetings.

Some profits from Cockpit USA are contributed to the American Airpower Museum at Republic Airport in Farmingdale, N.Y., which is housed on the grounds where many of the historic aircraft in the museum were built.

So, in making any purchase from Cockpit USA, you’ll also help preserve this one-of-a-kind interactive flying museum, and an organization that is meant to educate current and future generations on how our service men and women have been instrumental in preserving our freedom.

I hope you’ll visit Cockpit USA today where they are all about preserving the pride of our American heritage in a uniquely American classic style.

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