For the last several years, something has been eating at me. Since 9/11, the interest in Islam has surged. I have noticed something most conservatives have also noticed and watched with chagrin. It has to do with the attitude of the mainstream media and other liberals toward Islam. Anyone with common sense and a touch of objectivity can see the obvious bias of the old established print and broadcast media outlets in this country. They are agenda-driven. They have consistently displayed animosity against Christianity and the God of the Bible, while covering for and promoting their new darling religion, Islam. I kept asking why, believing the answer was more than it being just another attack against Christianity. Though I may not have the full story yet, the reason has finally hit me: blood is thicker than water. Liberalism and radical Islam are related. Notice the following similar characteristics. (Note: Though the emphasis is on radical Islam, the same comparisons can be made with Islam, to a lesser degree.)

Both are intolerant. Only the most biased or blind would object to the statement that Islam is intolerant. Look in the countries where Islam rules. Dissenting religious views are not allowed. In America, there is an organization called the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR. Why is there no Council on Arab-Christian Relations (CACR) in Arab Muslim countries? This type organization is about as likely to materialize as the First Baptist Church of Mecca. Notice also the intolerance of liberalism. While trying to hide under an invisible cloak of tolerance, liberals are the most intolerant ideologues to be found. Numerous are the accounts of conservatives on university campuses who have been shouted down and harassed by the “tolerant” liberals.

Both are exclusive. In arrogance, radical Islam purports to be the exclusive repository of spiritual truth. This philosophy results in a militant attitude that conquers by the sword or bomb. Liberalism, especially as evidenced in the media, is arrogantly exclusive. Before losing their stronghold on “reporting” the news, liberal news people have consistently displayed their disdain for all who disagree, flagrantly pushing their agenda. Thankfully, now some people have stopped being good little drones, have begun to think for themselves and have armed themselves with information, forming intelligent opinions.

Understand leftists’ dedication to tyranny and tolerance of terror in Jamie Glazov’s “United in Hate”

Both hate America, Israel and Christianity. Radical Islam hates America and Israel and all they stand for. Liberty and Christianity have both made America a target to those who would enslave us in a religious/political system that would produce hate and ignorance as it has in many countries. Liberalism hates America, Israel and Christianity with a passion. Liberalism would try and destroy that which gives it the freedom to exist. For more info, read “Why The Left Hates America” by Daniel J. Flynn.

Both play the race card. Radical Muslims, supported by CAIR, have opposed profiling and cried “racism,” yet profiling is just good common sense. Though not all Muslims are terrorists, virtually all terrorists have been Muslims. Muslim victimization has been the cry of the radicals. Liberalism is also an expert at dealing the race card. When blacks are arrested, liberals cry foul and blame everything on oppression and racism. The liberals began this mantra, but it has been taken up by self-appointed black leaders who care more about enriching themselves than liberating and empowering their own people.

Both denigrate women. Radical Islam is known for its lowly view of women. Polygamy is allowed, which denigrates the role of the woman as wife. Mutilations occur, and women are abused physically and emotionally in the marital relationship. Liberalism is hypocritical concerning the treatment of women. If liberals were really concerned about women, they would cry against abortion because of the emotional anguish that naturally follows when any mother has her own child killed. Liberals are strangely silent when women are immorally victimized by high-profile liberals such as Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton. Even the feminists are silent, proving they don’t really care about the treatment of women. Liberals also promote “free speech” through pornography, which is demeaning and humiliating to women.

Both are preoccupied with sex. Polygamy is not unknown in radical Islam. There is also the promise of 72 virgins for one who will die in jihad. Only the most naive would believe the polygamist would maintain a platonic relationship with multiple wives. And who believes the 72 virgins in paradise are provided just for decoration? Though Islam teaches modesty among women, sex is still an emphasis. For the liberal, sex has long been a priority. Liberals believe in free sexual expression and encourage sexual experimentation among schoolchildren. Liberals promote the perversion and abomination of homosexuality, showing disdain for morality and traditional family values.

So the pieces of the puzzle finally fit. Blood is definitely thicker than water. Liberals and radical Muslims are siblings. They have fallen from the same tree of hatred, intolerance, arrogance and bigotry, and the apple never falls far from the tree.

Joseph Harris

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