By now we have all heard the reports of the Fort Hood shooter’s radical Islamic tirades, his attempted communications with foreign terrorists, his Internet postings defending suicide bombings by Taliban fighters, and his public criticisms of America’s role in Iraq and Afghanistan. We also know of his shout of “Allahu akbar!” as he opened fire on unarmed soldiers.

Many are now asking the obvious questions about why the U.S. Army did not defuse this walking time bomb before he killed 14 people. Yes, the count is 14 – 13 soldiers and an unborn, 3-month-old baby inside what should have been the safety of the mother’s womb.

But what is almost as appalling as the terrorist act Hasan committed at Fort Hood is the shameful and self-serving excuses being offered by Obama administration officials in an attempt to deny the obvious – that Hasan’s radical Islamic religious beliefs were the primary motivation for his actions.

Hint to the President Obama: Maj. Hasan did not go to a movie theater or a ballpark to kill people. He wanted to kill soldiers, soldiers who were about to be deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan to fight the Taliban and al-Qaida. Why did he do it? Because he wants al-Qaida to win.

Hasan did not have a “workplace grievance.” He did not “snap under stress.” There is literally no evidence of that. He was coolly rational and methodical. He wanted to kill American soldiers, he planned to do it, and thanks to epidemic political correctness in the U.S. Army and throughout our society, he was allowed to do it – on American soil.

A jaw-dropping expose on the six-month undercover operation that revealed the true terror-supporting nature of CAIR: “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America.” It’s also available in electronic form at reduced price through Scribd.

A few years ago there was a best-selling book with the title “Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder.” If political correctness is not the most extreme form of political insanity, it is surely a close second. How do we begin to explain the power of self-delusion and escapism except as a breakdown in elementary rules of logic? Unfortunately, you cannot “connect the dots” when political correctness will not allow you to even see the dots.

Political correctness is no longer an amusing sideshow in American politics, a source of jokes for late-night television comics. Political correctness is an epidemic of moral culpability in the suppression of public awareness of our nation’s acute vulnerability to terrorist attacks by homegrown jihadists.

This is not to suggest that all Muslims should be expelled from the armed forces, the FBI and our local law-enforcement agencies. Clearly, the vast majority of the 2,500 Muslims now serving in our country’s military branches are doing so with honor and valor. But the example of Maj. Hasan, an American-born citizen with family roots in the Middle East, does suggest a sober reassessment of the problem. At a time when the paramount enemy of the United States is an Islamist religious faction that has declared war on us, an enemy that daily pledges to destroy America and preaches hatred of all things Western, military personnel of the Muslim faith have a special vulnerability.

Any rational commander in the armed forces would be wary of a person of Hasan’s avowed and outspoken views – unless, of course, he was dissuaded from noticing such things under threat of being accused of bigotry. That appears to be the case today, when the chief of staff of the United States Army can tell a network television audience that protecting the “diversity” of our armed forces is more important than protecting their lives. Really?

When the Army chief of staff utters such absurdities, he should be removed by the president, just as a mayor would remove any police chief who thought Ku Klux Klan gear was appropriate attire for his off-duty officers. But there’s the problem. Our epidemic disease of political correctness will not allow any public official to acknowledge that the main apostles of hatred in the world today – not only in the Middle East but right here in the good ol’ USA – are not white supremacists but radical Islamists.

Was Hasan a “lone wolf” recruit to the war against America? The jury is still out on that, and some members of Congress are suggesting that the Obama White House is withholding some salient facts. But even if true, why should that give us any comfort? Are we to worry only about foreign-born “sleepers” who wait for orders from someone in the hills of Waziristan? The horrific events at Fort Hood send us a different message. But who is listening?

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