Sarah Palin haters will stoop to just about anything to malign the woman they most fear – including lying.

That’s what Huffington Puffington Post columnist Max Blumenthal did Sunday when he claimed the former vice presidential candidate cited an “urban legend” in a speech when she said the Treasury Department had moved the phrase “In God We Trust” from presidential coins.

Blumenthal and his pseudo-news organization characterized Palin’s statement as a “rumor” that “most likely originated with a 2006 story on the far-right website WorldNetDaily.”

Actually, it wasn’t “a rumor.” It was, what we call in the news business, a fact.

A year later, Congress, alerted to the plan by the original WND story, stopped the plan dead in its tracks, as WND also reported.

That doesn’t constitute an “urban legend.” That constitutes reporting that led to a policy change.

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It doesn’t change the fact that the U.S. Mint formulated a plan to do exactly what Sarah Palin said it had done. It just means that once the whistle was blown on a plan that would offend the sensibilities of about 90 percent of Americans, Congress acted in line with the will of the people.

Blumenthal suggests Palin was believing and spreading an urban legend. Instead, she was stating a fact.

“Palin did not hesitate to take up this ‘controversy,’ however false, since it conveniently pits a tyrannical, God-destroying, secular big government against humble God-fearing folk,” Blumenthal writes. “In doing so, of course, she presented herself as this nation’s leading defender of the faith.”

This is how the Huffington Puffington Post begins a column that is supposed to persuade America that Palin is, in Blumenthal’s words, “a cancer on the GOP.”

Do you believe that Blumenthal and the Huffington Puffington Post are really afraid Palin is going to destroy the Republican Party? Do you think they lie awake at night fretting that the GOP is going to self-destruct? It is their fondest wish. It is their dream come true.

They fear Palin because they disagree with her and because she’s effective – not because she is going to hurt the party they despise.

I’ve been through this myself.

When Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann at MSLSD carry on night after night lying about me and what my news organization reports and support boycotts of WND by the Republican Party, do you think they do this because they want to help the Republican Party? They hate the Republican Party. They are offering advice they know will hurt it.

Notice Maddow and Olbermann never call for Barack Obama’s campaigns and organizations to boycott WND – even though they spend more advertising dollars targeting WND readers than do the Republicans. Why is that? Because they want to see their messiah influence the millions of people who read WND.

By the way, when Blumenthal and the Huffington Puffington Post characterize WND as a “far-right website,” this is not just a case of the pot calling the kettle black. This is a case of political activists posing as journalists calling real journalists political activists.

Can anyone name one “conservative” writer at the Huffington Puffington Post? Is there even one dissenting columnist tolerated at that bastion of phony diversity and faux pluralism?


Yet, WND can truthfully boast it carries the widest ideological spectrum of political commentary anywhere on the Internet or in any newspaper or, for that matter, in any news-opinion forum.

It’s true that WND carries noted conservative columnists such as Ann Coulter and Pat Buchanan and David Limbaugh. But, unlike the Huffington Puffington Post or any other online or offline publication, it also carries noted liberals such as Bill Press and Nat Hentoff and Ellen Ratner.

Is that “far right”? Or is that “fair and balanced”?

I’m not afraid of other viewpoints. If I were, I would only post my own – which is exactly what the Huffington Puffington Post does – along with far too many other name-calling media pretenders.

As for Sarah Palin, keep on doing what you’re doing, baby! You got ’em on the run. You scare them to death! When they have to lie about what you say and do to make their point, you know you’re saying and doing something right.

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