I always thought that when Sarah Palin finally resurfaced, she would quickly show whether she was going for the money or planning to run for president. If she’s decided to spend her life pursuing riches, I felt she would speak out boldly and truthfully in an unvarnished way that would whip liberal miscreants into a hysterical frenzy.

On the other hand, I was concerned that if she had presidential ambitions, she might make the mistake of spinning, tiptoeing and dancing around tough questions in an effort to appear mainstream.

I’m happy for Sarah Palin that she’s going to make millions on her book. In fact, I’ve long believed that if she could get herself financially set for life, she would be much more effective in leading the fight against the socialist policies that are bringing down America.

I assumed that the Oprah interview would be much ado about nothing, given that the Queen of Yawn Television not only supported Chairman Obama, she also had a huge television audience to think about – an audience that no doubt includes millions of conservative women.

Everyone is pretty much tired of questions about Bristol’s pregnancy, how Gov. Palin feels about Levi the Loser, moose hunting with dad, how she met Todd and the infighting she endured with the McCain people. We all overdosed on those topics long ago. So my hope was that in her interview with Sean Hannity, Palin would let it all hang out.

She’s bringing leftists to their knees with angst, but is she the best hope for the future of the GOP? Get Sarah Palin’s best-seller, “Going Rogue: An American Life”

Hannity gave Palin two chances to agree with him that BHO is a socialist. The platter was silver, and he handed it to her in front of millions of fed-up Americans. Sadly, Gov. Palin sidestepped the question with the same kind of political sleight of tongue we’ve grown accustomed to with most of our politicians.

Hannity then asked her if she thought the president was a radical – a soft pitch if there ever was one. Answer: “I think his associates are radical.” What the hell kind of answer is that? Gov. Palin: Please, answer the question!

Sadly, it was at that point that I knew my concerns about her spinning, tiptoeing and dancing around tough questions in an effort to appear mainstream as a way to get elected were right. But, thanks to BHO’s duplicity, times have changed since the million-dollar-smile Alaska governor joined forces with the hapless John McCain.

A majority of Americans now realize that Chairman Obama is the least transparent president in history … that he rewards his cronies and punishes those who speak out against him … that he coddles terrorists and goes after those who pursue them … that he apologizes to the world for America’s moral inferiority and allows rogue nations to run wild … that Marxists and others who wish to destroy what’s left of capitalism in this country are welcome in his White House … and that, above all, he lies to the American people day in and day out.

Today, if Sarah Palin has presidential ambitions, she should do the exact same thing she would do if she were focusing only on money: Speak out boldly and truthfully in an unvarnished way that would whip liberal miscreants into a hysterical frenzy. If all Sarah Palin is going to offer the public is a beautiful face and an electric smile, I can just buy her calendar and hang it on my office wall.

But if she’s serious about a future run for the presidency, it’s time to go to war – because this country is at war. To borrow from the title of Mark Levin’s book, the war is between liberty and tyranny – nothing more and nothing less.

Gov. Palin, if you want angry Americans – those who are now in the majority! – to take you seriously, here are some cheat notes for you to use in future interviews and speeches:

Barack Obama is a socialist (or, more properly, a Marxist). Say it!

Barack Obama, it obviously follows, is a radical. Say it!

Barack Obama has surrounded himself with Marxists and other radicals who want to fundamentally change America. Say it!

Barack Obama is a liar. Say it!

Barack Obama is the least transparent president in U.S. history. Say it!

Barack Obama wants to get a government-controlled health-care plan and a cap-and-trade bill passed for one reason and one reason only: to gain total control over people’s lives. Say it!

To your credit, you did say that you believe in racial profiling in cases involving potential terrorism, but you nervously alluded to the fact that your comment would probably “make liberal heads explode.” Tip: Don’t worry about liberal heads exploding. It will only make you more popular with a majority of Americans.

Whether you’re going for the money or going for the highest office in the land, speak the truth – and speak it with boldness. As I said, the game has changed since you ran for office with the Democrats’ favorite liberal, Mumbles McCain.

We’re now living in the age of the Teabaggers. The average American knows the truth about the Duplicitous Despot in the White House and his arrogant criminal cohorts in Congress. They’re mad as hell and ready to throw out anyone and everyone who continues to ignore them.

So mad, in fact, that I believe for the first time in this century, a newly organized third party – founded on libertarian-based conservative principles – has a chance to succeed either in 2012 or 2016.

I’m talking about a party with candidates who are willing to talk about rescinding most government programs now in effect, willing to talk about getting government out of private business and corporate America, willing to talk about putting on trial those in high office who are guilty of treason and, yes, willing to talk about secession.

Please, Sarah, say it ain’t so. Say you’re not just another pretty face. I like Jim DeMint, but hanging his picture on my office wall just doesn’t cut it.

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