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Church: Stop being 'evangelly-fish'

What is this world coming to? Another day brings another definition of love, marriage, religion, truth, civil rights and the church.

Can anyone remember when there was more confusion? Only in a culture bombarded by “tolerance” could these issues be debated with any seriousness.

It has been said loudly and proudly that gay marriage is a civil-rights issue. If that’s the case, then gays would be the new African-Americans. I’m here to tell you now, and hopefully for the last time, that the gay community is not the new “African-American” community. In fact, I think Christians are the new Negro – but that’s an issue for a follow-up column.

In 2005, the Rev. Jesse Jackson stated that the fight of gays and lesbians wanting to marry should not be compared to the fight African-Americans faced for civil rights. The comparison of the plight of the gay community to slavery is a stretch; remember, gays were never called “three-fifths” human, according to the Constitution, and they did not require the Voting Rights Act to gain the same democratic rights as whites.

What is this world coming to when you see the likes of myself, a conservative African-American, and the Rev. Jesse Jackson, a liberal African-American, both agreeing on the same subject?

Recently, over 100 black clergy met in Atlanta to publicly object to the comparison of gay marriage to the civil-rights movement.

I’m sure the gay community felt it was thrown a curve. It thought that the African-American community would stand with it in totality if it could convince us this was a civil-rights issue.

But many black clergy are offended that gay rights would be compared to civil rights. The circumstances are different. As an African-American, I can never expect to have the choice of, “Don’t ask, don’t tell.”

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Gay marriage has reached the point it has because a few rebellious, headstrong judges in Massachusetts and a mayor in San Francisco openly defied state law. In California, the judges and the state attorney general were afraid to take any action in the face of gay voters, I am sad to say.

I agree with Thomas Sowell, senior fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, who said:

“Gay marriage is not a local issue but a national issue because maintaining the rule of law – or what is left of it – is a national issue of historic importance if we are not to see America degenerate into the world’s largest banana republic, or worse.

“The time is long overdue to start impeaching judges who think their job is to veto laws they do not like or condone lawlessness that they agree with. An independent judiciary does not mean judges independent of the Constitution from which they derive their power or independent of the laws that they are sworn to uphold.”

Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels, on the heels of gay marriages in other parts of our country, issued an executive order recognizing gay marriages for city employees. My assumption is that he is willing to give up his own salary to help pay the cost of extending benefits to couples that are breaking this state’s law on marriage.

The voters will have the last word. When we go to the polls, we will not forget the public servants who think they are above the law.

What is our world coming to when the mayor and the King County executive favor what is, and should remain, against state law?

Homosexuals and their supporters insist that marriage is a fundamental right, and that to deprive them of this right is the most vicious form of discrimination. They also believe that to deny them this right makes them second-class citizens.

As Christians, we believe that homosexuality is simply an issue of sin, that God does not condone it and neither will we.

What is this world coming to when the regional United Methodist Church says that a minister has not violated God’s law by being a lesbian? For the church, this is not a civil-rights issue, it is a sexual-behavior issue.

I think the church should stop being “evangelly-fish,” with no “spiritual vertebrae.” Our battle cry, from here to eternity, should be, “We are not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

The Bible teaches in the Old and the New Testaments that homosexuality is wrong; there is no place where homosexuality is ever talked about in a positive light. Leviticus 18:22 says that homosexuality is an abomination to God. Genesis 19 tells the story of Sodom and why God destroyed the city for the sin of homosexuality. In the New Testament, Romans 1:24-28, among other verses, says it is unnatural when a woman wants to lie with another woman and when a man wants to lie with another man.

Do we believe that the Bible is the word of God, or not?