An e-mailer has sent me eight photographs of militant Muslims marching through the streets of London, during a 2006 “religion of peace demonstration.”

Picture No. 1 – Hand-held signs:

  • Slay Those Who Doubt Islam”

  • Butcher Those Who Mock Islam”

Picture No. 2:

  • Behead Those Who Insult Islam”

Picture No. 3:

  • “Europe is the Cancer: Islam is the Answer”

  • “Exterminate Those Who Slander Islam”

Picture No. 4:

  • “Islam Will Dominate the World”

Picture No. 5 (carried by a masked male):

  • “Freedom Go to Hell”

Picture No. 6:

  • “Europe, You Will Pay. Your 9/11 is on the Way”

Picture No. 7:

  • “Be Prepared for the Real Holocaust”

Picture No. 8:

  • “Exterminate Those Who Slander Islam”

  • “Massacre Those Who Insult Islam”

My e-mailer notes the following:

“Makes you wonder, doesn’t it … can you imagine having a Christian demonstration against Islam in downtown Baghdad? Muslims have stated that England will be the first country they will take over.

“These are pictures not shown on American TV or in American newspapers but were forwarded by a Canadian who thought all Americans ought to know!

“Why would anyone think that we should be at war with such nice, peaceful Muslims?!”

That is from militant Islam overseas in England.

Please consider what, by contrast, took place at one of the United States’ longest college football rivalries, between two of our most renowned universities, on Saturday, Nov. 21, when Harvard met Yale for the 126th time, in the Yale Bowl (with Harvard winning in the last two minutes, 14 to 10).

Yale’s colorfully naughty “Precision Marching Band,” at halftime, deplored what their announcer described as: “the most mindless barbarians – from Harvard.”

Let me recall seeing two of just such barbarians before game time outside the stadium.

Both of these males were accompanied, arm-in-arm, by females.

They were wearing crimson sweatshirts with obviously professionally designed wording in white. This led me to believe that there were others in that crowd wearing the same crimson and white sweatshirts, which read:

“[FORNICATE] YALE” (or another F-word that is an obscenity).

Initially, a wonderment swept through my mind: How on earth could such a suggestion-command be carried out?

Then, almost immediately, I wondered if next year, when this classic is held in Cambridge, Mass., will there be the same crimson sweatshirts with the same FORNICATE YALE – along with a close-up photograph from an X-rated movie, as an illustration of that command from the Harvards?

That in turn led me to wonder whether the administration, faculty or police of either of these two of our oldest and most-renowned universities will do anything about students or alumni at their athletic events who wear garb decorated with pornographic words or photographs.

Or, what if an inebriated couple decides to enliven the end zone with X-film behavior?

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