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Make 'em trip over pink

I spent two hours in line on Friday to see Glenn Beck. I don’t agree with him on everything, but I appreciate his honesty and courage, as did several hundred who were in front of me and the several hundred behind me – all clutching their “Arguing with Idiots, How to stop small minds and Big Government” books. Flags were waving, horns beeping. All of them were aware of the grave danger we face as a nation with the regime in control steering us toward the cliff of socialism.

Sept. 11 terrorists being tried as civilians with an anti-America PR platform in New York, double-digit unemployment and out-of-control spending – and all the Senate can do is spend trillions more with a government grab of health care, complete with jail time for those who don’t buy into the bureaucratic nightmare that puts the government between you and your loved one’s lifesaving treatment.

Yes, we’re headed toward a cliff. And on Saturday, the Senate gunned the gas, taking us even closer to rationing and the death panels Sarah Palin spoke of with clarity and honesty.

Perhaps that’s why thousands have camped out overnight in frigid weather to see Sarah Palin and get a signature on her new book, “Going Rogue.” That’s why 300,000 of her books sold in one week.

Americans want to be heard, and it’s clear that Congress isn’t listening. That’s why for months, tea party protesters in Fort Lauderdale gather each Saturday at lunchtime to voice their objection. They claim the “longest running tea party” – something they have been doing for months on the corner of Oakland Park Boulevard and Federal Highway. They’ve even got a count of the encouraging “horn honks” from those like-minded protesters driving by. Those “beeps” are in the thousands, and it’s no wonder why.

But there’s something else we can do beside standing in lines and holding signs. We can tell Congress exactly what we think of what they’re doing – directly and effectively.

And some in Congress are starting to pay attention. I stood with Reps. Trent Franks, R-Ariz., Steve King, R-Iowa, Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., and WND chief Joseph Farah last week in front of a sea of pink slips in front of the Capitol. Michele Bachmann remarked that the pink slips that had already been delivered in her office were as tall as she is. That was one week ago. Now they’re over her head.

Thanks to Greta Van Susteren, who covered the pink-slip project with Sen. Jim DeMint on Tuesday. That was when there were 4.5 million. We’re now at 7.8 million – nearly eight million pink slips delivered. It might be time for some others to cover it.

A Baton Rouge tea party is planning a protest called “A Streetcar named Retire,” for Sen. Mary Landrieu who voted for the government takeover of health care once the $300 million “Louisiana Purchase” payoff promised to exclude her constituents while putting the rest of the nation at risk. Make sure your protest hits them in the District this week.

As WorldNetDaily (and only WorldNetDaily) has reported, the stack of pink slips is now taller than the tallest building on earth. This battle is far from over. It’ll go to the Senate and to the House again for confirmation. And make no mistake, abortion will be back in – unless we stand up now and stop it.

I say we make it impossible for them to walk down the hallways without tripping over boxes of pink. Help us build a pink barrier like they’ve never seen – with one click, 60 seconds and 535 obstacles to block their lethal legislation: www.SendCongressaPinkSlip.com.

Take one last chance to remind them it’s our car they’re driving toward that cliff, and we’re taking the keys away next year.

The pink slips, if stacked would be taller than any existing building on earth