Some months ago I wrote a column entitled “Liberalism is a malignancy.” I reviewed the way in which liberals spoil the cities and states in which they live. Then, unable to exist there anymore, they metastasize to other places. However, unable to understand that the policies they support are the cause for the misery from which they have fled, they persist in trying to remake their new homes in the same way.

A malignancy can be cut away, irradiated and poisoned, yet it often persists in hiding, only to return again when it is no longer being actively fought. Combating a malignancy leaves the sufferer exhausted. Just when it seemed defeated, there is often resurgence, as if the malignancy planned to lay low for a while and return in force when the coast was clear. It seems as though malignancies plan ahead.

Malignancies do not play by accepted rules. They do not come out and meet us in open conflict, but utilize covert operations to achieve their goals. They wear us down, confuse us and ultimately pounce in ambush when we can no longer cover all of the possible venues of assault. Theirs is an attack on multiple fronts, probing, advancing and then retreating, looking for weakness.

Liberals do the same thing. They were smart enough to plan ahead. They long ago infiltrated the education system so that they could begin the malignant transformation of the minds of our youth – slowly, inexorably plotting for the day when they would be able to strike. Our weakness, which is that of complacency, has been well utilized by liberals.

The doctor is in and the diagnosis is clear. Don’t miss Michael Savage’s “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder”

Sometimes they attempt transformation by ballot initiatives. When that fails, they depend upon the liberal courts to overturn the vote of the people. If that fails, they produce another ballot initiative to start the process over again. They do not accept a vote of the people or even a successful vote to amend the constitution. For, when such an amendment is disadvantageous to their cause, it is charged that the amendment itself is unconstitutional. In short, there is no way to win against them, for they do not accept a fair defeat. They never give up, but retreat, regroup and reattack, determined to promote their deadly agenda at any cost, including the death of liberty.

When Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts, the legislators voted to change the state constitution to prevent the governor from appointing a replacement for a senator who died in office. Move ahead several years to the death of Sen. Kennedy. With a sitting Democratic governor, the legislature voted to allow the governor to appoint a replacement. This is not a legislative process, but a tactic of malignant liberalism.

Liberals exhaust us, just as a malignancy does. They force us to use all of our energy to combat them. They dance and duck like Muhammad Ali, letting their opponents tire from throwing punches. I have experienced this myself. Countless rallies, speaking engagements and writing have left me so utterly exhausted I have had to force myself to stay the course, sometimes failing due to sheer fatigue.

The Pelosi and Reid approach, with closed-door sessions and constantly changing legislation, makes us weary like fighting cancer does. They know what they are doing. It takes less energy to sneak and lie than it does to counteract these tactics. They need only a small opening, a little weakness to achieve their goals. Once they win and the entire organism of this country is terminally ill, they will be able to rest.

Patrick Henry said: “Give me liberty or give me death!” We must commit ourselves with new resolve to go on the offensive. We must eradicate this malignancy once and for all. We must cut it out, irradiate it, poison it and plug all avenues of escape. We cannot allow them to tire us out, and we must never give up.

The tactics being used by Chairman Obama, Prime Minister Pelosi and Comrade Reid are absolutely unconstitutional, as is the legislation they seek to pass. We have no obligation to abide by tactics and legislation that is clearly unconstitutional.

  1. We can and must refuse to pay for our own destruction. If 100 million Americans refused to pay the taxes needed for these programs, there is nothing Obama, Pelosi or Reid could do. Our Founding Fathers were willing to risk death. We must be willing to risk our comfort to save our country.

    Mahatma Gandhi said: “Withholding payment of taxes is one of the quickest methods of overthrowing a government.”

  2. If Obamacare passes, physicians must refuse to take part. Additionally, they should immediately withdraw as providers for Medicare and Medicaid. This may seem cruel, but it is much crueler to allow these cancerous ideas to destroy our country and sentence our children to lives of slavery.
  3. Those of us living in “blue” states should move to “red” states, as I have decided to do. This would deprive these liberal states of much of their tax revenue, causing them to wake up and change policies, or die from the malignancy they have caused. We must withhold life support for those states with incurable malignant liberalism.
  4. Once the red states are empowered, we must initiate constitutional protections in those states and refuse to accept federal programs that are unconstitutional and refuse to pay for these programs. We will see how the liberal states do without money from the conservative states.
  5. We must plan ahead, just as the liberals do. No more reacting to their attacks, but pre-empting them.

I am in the process of starting an organization called “Peaceful Revolt against Tyranny” to promote the ideas above. Information will be available on my website over the next several weeks. As Benjamin Franklin stated: “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.” Let’s hang together, and may God Bless America!


Frank S. Rosenbloom, M.D., is board-certified in internal medicine. He practices general internal medicine and hospital medicine in Portland, Ore. He serves as president of Oregon Right to Life and is a contributor for Fresh Conservative. His book on health care, “Lethal Prescription: We must prevent a health-care disaster,” will be in bookstores in early 2010. His website is

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