If you were out shopping on Black Friday or the weekend that followed, you’ve probably had enough of traffic and crowds. The good news is that you don’t have to fight the crowds, spend money on gas or waste needless time looking for something American-made in the stores that might not even be there – if you know where to shop for “made in USA” online.

One of the best and newest online sites I’ve discovered recently where everything is made in USA is simply named the “Made in USA Products Store” and you can check them out at MadeInUSAProductsStore.com.

At the “Made in USA Products Store,” the passion for an online store began when the owners learned about the high amounts of lead being found in children’s toys. It was very scary on a personal level since the owners had two toddlers and probably purchased those very same toys thinking they were safe for their own children.

The more they looked in stores to find products that were made in the USA, the more of a challenge it became. So they’re delighted to bring American-made products to one, simple, online store so they can help support America and make it easier for others to as well.

At the MadeInUSAProductsStore, you’ll find automotive products like floor mats, ramps and creepers, and battery jumper cables (what car doesn’t need a set of those?); housewarming gifts like Bunn coffeemakers (yes, you can still buy a coffeemaker made in America) and blankets made from recycled cotton as well as bed warmers and breadboxes; outdoor recreation products like a Wilson football (yes, it’s made in America too), Igloo brand coolers, backpacks, bags and totes, and hunting items including Pro Ears brand hearing protection.

Did you know you can still buy American-made stainless-steel flatware? Imagine being probably the only American on your street who can say they dine with American-made silverware! That’s really putting your money where your mouth is!

American-made tools available on MadeInUSAProductsStore include Shop-Vacs, knives and cutlery, air compressors, droplights, flashlights and professional paint sprayers.

For the women on your Christmas list, you’ll find beauty-care products like fragrances, body wash, bubble bath, body lotion and moisturizing body scrub just to name a few.

You’ll also find organic products, religious products, and of course products that are safe for your pet if you have one. You can also find clothing and footwear for men, women, children and even babies.

For me as an author, I often get asked about how I got my start in being motivated to help others find American products, and I always tell my personal story about getting frustrated in a mall in 1994 while looking for American-made clothing.

I also like to mention that I believe patriotism is inside of all of us as Americans, it just comes out at different times, and we tend to take action on our newfound beliefs at that time. Maybe your time was 1994; maybe it was Sept. 11, 2001. Maybe it was during the French boycott leading up to the Iraq War. Maybe it was after the lead paint found on Chinese toys, the diethylene glycol found in Chinese toothpaste, or the toxins found in Chinese drywall.

I also know something else: When these events occur inside of us, they tend to stick and become part of our belief system. And now more than ever it’s time to act on those beliefs. A great way to do that is by visiting the “Made in USA Products Store” so you won’t have to worry about the quality or safety of the products you’re ordering since everything on their site is made in the U.S.

That means you won’t have to wait on the slow boat from China either since most products ordered are shipped the next day, which is key since Christmas is just around the corner.

If you somehow can’t find what you’re looking for at MadeInUSAProductsStore (which seems unlikely with the large quantity of products offered) you can sign up for their newsletter and be notified of products as they are added or become available. And since they’re constantly on the lookout for more American-made products to offer, you just might find what you’re looking for when you open your e-mail inbox sometime in the near future.

Or, after you’ve been to the “Made in USA Products Store” for the first time and you go back again later as there’s a lot to see there and it will take you some time to view it all, you can simply click on the “new products” tab to find what may not have been available on your last visit.

If you want to bring back America, the “Made in USA Products Store” encourages you to buy America back, and you can do it all here at MadeInUSAProductsStore.

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