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Obamacare's penalty on families

Jack is married and has two children. He earns $44,000 per year. Because he has a family and things are tight, he can’t afford an unexpected illness. Jack opts for the lowest-cost IRS-approved insurance coverage. The CBO estimates a family of four will pay $15,000 per year. Jack’s monthly pay stub looks like this, before and after health-care “reform”:

It’s hard to see how Jack’s new paycheck does much for the economy, isn’t it? Perhaps he and his family become another ward of the ever-expanding federal government, and can fill out the appropriate forms to plead for handouts and help.

Jane is single. She also earns $44,000 per year. Because she is young and healthy, and does not have family responsibilities and dependents, she elects to pay a penalty to the IRS every month rather than carry IRS-approved health insurance. Her monthly pay stub looks like this, before and after health-care “reform”:

Jane makes out pretty well: Her penalty is only 2 1/2 percent of her income, and if she gets sick the new ban on pre-existing illnesses means she can sign up the month before she needs an expensive operation – and drop coverage a month later. And since emergency rooms will still have to treat the uninsured, no questions asked, why would she carry insurance?

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How does “Government Motors” health care rate where it’s in force? You’d have to be one of the three blind, deaf and dumb monkeys not to have seen the medical horror stories coming out of once-Great Britain. Government-run hospitals “rating” themselves excellent, patients lying on gurneys in the hallways for 24 hours and beyond so they don’t skew “service” statistics, patients refused treatment because they are too old, refused medications because they are too expensive, and with unsanitary conditions the norm – except, of course, at the few hospitals where the politically privileged are admitted, and cost is no object.

But Government Motors–run health care sure does help the federal bureaucracy, doesn’t it? Lots of commissions and committees will be set up under “the presidentially appointed head of the new health-care bureaucracy [who] would have access to confidential IRS information about millions of individual taxpayers.” They will determine what illnesses are treatable, and at what ages. The politically favored will receive preferential treatment, as they always do under coercive leftist government regimes.

And let’s not forget the penalties – for those who might be contemplating nonparticipation. The IRS was an excellent choice by Pelosi and Reid: It doesn’t give a rip about constitutional niceties; all it does is suck money out of the economy; levy fines, penalties, empty bank accounts and place liens on property. “Die, citizen, so we can have the money. Our Democrat masters require it.” Yes, an excellent choice by the Democrats, and sure to become a model for further coercive legislation by the corrupt, Chicago-style filth in our nation’s capital.

Who will pay IRS penalties? According to the Heritage Foundation:

“The Congressional Budget Office stated on Oct. 29 that the House bill would generate $167 billion in revenue from ‘penalty payments.’ Individual Americans are expected to pay $33 billion of these penalties, with employers paying the rest. Former member of Congress and Heritage Foundation fellow Ernest Istook has concluded that for this revenue goal to be met, 8 to 14 million individual Americans will have to be fined over the next 10 years, quite an incentive for federal bureaucrats.”

And here’s something to ponder: Where do you think employers are going to get the $134 billion in penalty payments they will have to pay to the IRS? Do you suppose they might hire fewer people, and give fewer raises? How does that help economic recovery?

Penalties are for real. They are always part of coercive leftist regimes, because leftists must overcome humanity’s natural desire for freedom. And IRS penalties will apply not only to health insurance. According to the Tax Lawyer’s Blog, the IRS will no longer be able to abate penalties for honest mistakes of any kind, even if the examiner is sympathetic to the taxpayer.

Illegal aliens will be exempted from taxes and penalties, but will still be able to receive free treatment at the new Government Motors health-care facilities.

Oh yeah, baby! The Democrats in Congress: They represent you!