After the League of American Voters ran ads in Arkansas, North Dakota and Maine, the under-30 crowd changed its tune and now opposes the Democrats’ Orwellian legislation by an eye-opening 65-25. Which proves again that what I first wrote about in 1979 in “Restoring the American Dream” is true: Short of a violent counterrevolution, education of the masses is the key to defeating the progressive movement to socialize America.

Informed people know that government-run health care has nothing to do with helping those who are uninsured … that global warming is a scam … that the purpose of cap-and-trade is to raise taxes and control people’s lives … that most members of Congress are totally corrupt and that a large number of them are guilty of treason … to name but a few of the more egregious items. Yet the government keeps inundating us with its trickle-down lies.

But the times they are a changin’. The progressives are now getting it from all sides, thanks to Fox News, conservative talk radio, conservative and libertarian bloggers, and, above all, a strange humanoid by the name of Glenn Beck to whom God handed a divine mission.

Though the Republican establishment (that’s right, Republican) is up in arms over Beck, they’re too late. The only thing that can stop him is an assassin’s bullet, and let’s hope that doesn’t happen. And if it did, it might just trigger an acceleration in the citizen revolt that is now well under way.

Take a stand for the principles that have made America so great, a magnetic bumper sticker proclaiming: “Life, Liberty and Property”

Much like the Founding Fathers, I believe that Beck has committed himself to using his fame, his fortune and his enormous talents to defeating the poisonous progressive movement in this country. And his commitment, in turn, has motivated millions of other people to take a tough stand against tyranny.

I hope I’m not disappointed, but it appears that Glenn Beck is the guy I’ve been waiting for since 1982 when I wrote:

When soliciting others to help in a mass-education program, be prepared for a great deal of frustration. Not only are most people apathetic, but even those who most fervently believe in freedom and free enterprise are rarely willing to back their beliefs with either time or money. Frank Chodorov, in his wonderful book, “The Income Tax,” poignantly noted this unfortunate truth when he wrote:

“If, for instance, those who prate about ‘free enterprise’ were willing to risk bankruptcy for it, even as the men of the Declaration risked their necks for independence, the present drive for the collectivization of capital would not have such easy going. Assuming that they are fully aware of the implications of the phrase they mouth, and are sincere in their protestations, the fact that they are unwilling to suffer mortification of the flesh disqualifies them for leadership, and the case for ‘free enterprise’ is hopeless.”

In simple terms, what Chodorov was saying was: If capitalists are unwilling to put their money where their mouths are, then the case for freedom and free enterprise is lost by default. And that, in the final analysis, is where the issue really will be decided.

Glenn Beck, who was 15 years old when I wrote this, is the first person I have seen with the talent, the money, the drive and, most important, the willingness to “risk mortification of the flesh.” As I’ve said in previous articles, he has dragged the evildoers in Washington into a war with him that they cannot win.

The more they try to belittle Beck, the more attention they will draw to him – and to the facts he exposes on a daily basis. On the other hand, the more they try to ignore him, the more free rein he has to shed light on their dastardly deeds.

Though the Axelrod-Emanuel Thug Club would like you to believe otherwise, rest assured that they never miss Beck’s show and that they are trying to figure out how to silence him without riling the populace to the point of open revolt.

Now, Beck has announced a massive rally in front of the Lincoln Memorial on Aug. 28, which gives the socialist oligarchy in Washington nine months to think about it. Unless they do something to stop him, that massive gathering of anti-government-corruption folks – I’m guessing it will be at least 1-2 million strong – will overwhelm the lies and treasonous acts of Obama and his progressive allies in Congress.

The repression of truth by the progressive fascists is becoming shakier by the day. Let’s make sure that it spreads throughout the land before they resort to iron-fist tactics and establish an outright dictatorship in place of the shadow dictatorship that is now in place.

Anyone who fails to take seriously the greatest threat to America’s liberty in our history is not only making a naïve mistake but a grave one. You can be sure that I’ll be at the D.C. rally on Aug. 28. Will you?

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