Following the victory for marriage in New York last week and as the New Jersey Legislature prepares to vote this week on a bill to legalize same-sex marriage, we must not lose sight of another strategy of the radical sexual-diversity agenda to destroy the family and marriage. Even many who follow this issue closely may not be aware of some vital issues – and there are many – that lurk very visibly under the surface of the fight for the definition of marriage.

What is in a definition? How about “gay”? According to the 1828 Webster dictionary, it meant “Merry; airy; jovial; sportive; frolicksome; Fine; showy (all positive); or intoxicated (negative).”

What about the 2009 Merriam-Webster dictionary? Enter an additional – but fundamentally a replacement – definition: “of, relating to, or used by homosexuals.”

The word stayed the same, but the meaning was perverted in every possible way. Is the battle for marriage only about the definition – or about the meaning? Obviously both, but we must be diligent to fight on both fronts, as California and Washington state’s “Everything But Marriage” laws illustrate.

I didn’t invent that term – The Seattle Times did. Maybe unwittingly they also exposed a parallel strategy to “undefine” marriage while we fight for the legal definition. Like California, the Washington legislation that survived a ballot measure attempting to overturn it has now extended over 100 statutory benefits of marriage to same-sex and other non-married “couples.”

Perhaps the most encouraging film on marriage of our time — own it for yourself: “Fireproof”

Never forget where the buck stops for our government – We the People. “We” are destroying the morality of our children, our cities, our states and our nation even while we technically preserve the definition of marriage in both of the above mentioned states. I don’t mean to pick on them, particularly since the Evergreen State was where I was born and raised, and I have many friends and some family in California.

The truth is that most pastors in this country have been ineffective, absent or late to the game in responding to the ungodly, demonic and destructive agenda to destroy Judeo-Christian sexual ethics and God’s design of marriage and family. My 25 years in this battle, including the first 13 in the People’s Republic of Washington State, give me the basis for that stern observation.

I am profoundly grateful for the awakening of thousands of pastors across the nation who now realize that silence and acquiescence to evil are disobedience to God. I am also grateful that our God is not limited by our weakness, disobedience or delay in getting “in the game.”

What we must realize, however, is that the laws of every city, state and this nation are direct byproducts of the hearts of those we choose to delegate God’s authority vested in us to govern on our behalf. On that basis, we largely stink.

I’m sorry that doesn’t sound very sophisticated, but there is no way to adequately describe how abysmally pastors and most Christians have taken the responsibility to govern God’s way, for His glory and for the people’s good. Simply do a computer match between your church’s roster and the voter rolls for registration and voting history. Next, assess the quality of recent or current candidates against a biblical standard of integrity, faith, character, qualification and reputation.

How does it look in your city? How many aren’t voting, and who is not running for office?

The “sexual diversity” agenda is being implemented in city councils, state legislatures, school boards and corporate boardrooms across America as part of the “Shock and Awe” campaign to force-feed unimaginable sexual perversity to this nation. The target is our childrenread Dawn Stefanowicz’s compelling book, “Out From Under,” her story of being raised in a homosexual household.

Thankfully, black and Hispanic church leaders are rising up to stand for the definition of marriage and, in some cases like Houston at this moment, to oppose the political agenda as well. However, there must be a paradigm shift on our political decisions – or nondecisions – if we are truly to restore the legal sanctity of marriage and family.

Ethnic-minority pastors must cease blind loyalty to political liberalism, the Democratic Party and bankrupt theology that weaves humanism and Marxism with Scripture to create a toxic stew poisoning our congregations’ minds and spirits.

Anglo pastors driven by market-oriented, seeker-friendly, church-growth methodologies that squelch adherence to biblical justice, righteousness and compassion must repent and either accept the calling or find a different vocation.

The integrity of marriage was badly damaged by rising infidelity, abuse and divorce long before the definition came under assault. We must accept that and deal with those first causes while we try to keep the institution from destruction. Also, we should not consider homosexuals as the enemy.

Don’t blame or be hostile to victims of Satan’s deceptions for following the natural path of their course toward darkness. We must exemplify God’s love by living and sharing the hope they have in redemption through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Our next act of love is to be obedient in taking personal and permanent responsibility as stewards of God’s creation and to govern His way.

We may then save both the definition and the meaning of marriage.

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