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'Tis the season to be ... raunchy?

Editor’s note: Some of the play titles and descriptions below may be offensive to some readers.

Advertisement for Columbia University’s “XMAS!” inviting students to “get into the naughty and nice ‘XMAS!’ spirit”

This Christmas season, an alarming number of universities and theaters are planning plays and musicals that turn the traditional celebration of Christ’s birth into a “raunchy” glorification of fornication and perversion, warns a well-known Catholic spokesman.

“For whatever reason, there are more raunchy Christmas plays this year than ever before,” says Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League. “Not surprisingly, many are gay-themed, most are confined to the east and west coasts and all are loved by art critics. The plays run the gamut from the irreverent to the vulgar.”

And while New York Times theater critic Neil Genzlinger did not “love” the sex-themed Christmas plays his city’s theaters are performing – in fact, he gave scathing reviews to several – he too noticed the glut of smut arriving just in time for Christmas.

“Yes, it’s the holiday season, and that means beloved sacred and secular stories are being bisected, dissected and disrespected all over town,” writes Genzlinger. “Sadly, you’ve already missed ‘Naked Girls Reading: A Christmas Carol,’ but you can still catch ‘Naked Holidays N.Y.C. ’09: Fear of a Black Santa,’ ‘Filthy Lucre: A Burlesque Christmas Carol,’ ‘Menorah Horah,’ ‘The Gayest Christmas Pageant Ever!’ and several dozen more.”

In a statement, Donohue specifically called out the following theater productions:

“For some reason,” quipped Donohue in a statement, “we could find not a single play disrespecting Ramadan.”