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End of free press?

Will globalism spell the end of free speech and freedom of the press?

I wrote a book a few years ago called “Stop the Presses! The Inside Story of the New Media Revolution.”

In researching a chapter on the history of the free press, I was surprised to learn just how short and spotty that history is.

In fact, it would be accurate to say freedom of press as we know it today was birthed in colonial America and enshrined as a natural “right” for the first time in the Constitution of the United States.

That means the very concept is a little over 230 years old – the blink of an eye historically speaking.

Further, freedom of the press is still little regarded by most of the world. It might even be more accurate to state that it is viewed as a threat to most authoritarian and totalitarian regimes – perhaps the biggest threat next to private ownership of firearms.

With this background in mind, consider the banning of WND’s access to and coverage of the U.N.’s Copenhagen climate convention over the last two weeks.

So far as I can tell, WND was the only legitimate news agency banned by the U.N. convention – and banned on provably erroneous grounds that were merely a pretext for denying the one press outlet that has been skeptical of the hysterical claims about manmade, catastrophic global warming.

This is the same United Nations that provides free and open access to the Nation of Islam and Hamas – even providing free office space to Louis Farrakhan’s hate-mongering and fear-mongering racist newspaper, the Final Call.

Do you get the picture?

Think about this.

Take it in.

Consider what it portends for your future.

I don’t warn you about this because I am personally offended or because my news agency was singled out. I don’t harp on this because it represents a threat only to me. I don’t ask you for help and support in fighting this injustice merely because it’s about my company.

As a 30-year veteran of the American press, I caution you that this is a threat to all the free press and your free speech and rights to self-governance. This is how it begins. If the U.N. can get away with denying access to a well-established and popular news agency, accredited to cover both the White House and the Congress of the United States, it can deny anyone.

I note with sadness and regret that not one colleague in the press has yet protested this injustice – not one!

In fact, I suspect some of WND’s competitors are reveling in the denial. After all, they are among the chosen, the accepted, the elite, the pedigreed.

But that’s not the way it works in America.

Americans founded the notion of a free press. And Americans take it for granted.

They don’t recognize how fleeting freedom can actually be.

Apparently, until our colleagues’ oxes are being gored, they won’t care about the rights and freedoms of others.

That’s too bad. Nevertheless, it is not unexpected.

So, I will rely on the wisdom and support of others who recognize what’s at stake in the current wave of globalism.

Here’s what it means to tie yourself to unaccountable global treaties and powers: It means the end of freedom – not just free speech and freedom of the press. It spells the end of freedom.

I plan to continue to expose that threat – with or without the help of others. But I do covet your support.

WND is going to war on this issue – because our freedom and your freedom are at stake in this coming New World Order.

This isn’t about global warming. It’s about global power. It’s about global control. It’s about global tyranny.

Help me fight it.