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Spell dark ages: I-s-l-a-m-i-c R-u-l-e

(Editor’s note: This article, originally published July 19, 2005, has been modified from its original publication to reflect today’s current events.)

First let me cede the requisite acknowledgements that early Islamists played a key role in the developing culture of their day. Mathematics, medicine, astronomy, geography and Arabic numbers factored prominently into their time and beyond.

But that was then, and this is now. Back then there were no Afghans to culturally imprison, no tall buildings to blow up and no passenger jets to hijack for purposes of same; there were no embassies in Kenya, no USS Cole, no subway systems in Great Britain and Spain; no night clubs in Bali and Germany, and the Philippines were not a destination point for proselytizing and recruitment. Great Britain was not quite the “great devil,” and the United States had yet to pour billions of dollars into their lands not least of all to supply the technology that has made Muslim despotic families the wealthiest in the world – sitting on lavatory thrones with gold seats, while the people starve in the streets.

The Islamic religion that played an important role in the development of early civilization has been usurped and co-opted by crazed, ego-maniacal madmen called mullahs, ayatollahs and sheikhs – among whom it can be argued based on the historical record, Muhammad was chief – allowing a reasonable mind finds beheading, rape and conquest barbaric.

These madmen can promote and postulate any delusional reason they can divine for their oppressive behavior. My question is what would the world be like if they ruled it? Would the bombings, murders and mutilations of children be part of their world view? Would kidnapping and ceremonial beheadings exampled by Muhammad be part of their code enforcement?

Can we assume by their butchering of innocent men, women and children in Iraq that this is their idea of leaping into the 21st century with liberties and freedoms for all? Is this their way of embracing democracy?

Or should we look to Afghanistan, where women were students and professionals before Taliban Muslims took over in 1994? Is the brutal oppression women experienced under the genteel and warm religion (sarcasm intended) what the women of the world desire?

Where are their Margaret Thatchers, Condoleezza Rices, Sandi Pattys, Marian Andersons, Leontyne Prices, Marie Curies or Chien-Shiung Wus? Would Barbara Streisand, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Boxer or Susan Sarandon be able to espouse their bucolic vitriol against such a leadership?

Based on the six-plus years of Afghan rule, what would we dare imagine if a religion whose leaders killed men for such heresies as wearing their beards too short were to take over the entire region on that side of the globe? Does anyone think they would be satisfied with that? Based on the last seven centuries, what could we envision if they took over all of Europe?

Ed Turzanski of LaSalle University and the Foreign Policy Research Institute points out that “Muslims of the pre-Mongol invasions would not recognize the religion today,” a point I in no way question – the problem is they’re not the ones thrust upon the world of today, a point Turzanski also makes.

Turzanski continues: “Because Islam has never had a reformation, a period of introspection where people have challenged the doctrines of rigid fundamentalism, you have the most rigid set of rules of what people can do and think.” The “Wahhabists” have usurped the religion preaching “violence.”

Yet the sympathizers persist. And the worst of those are the Muslims themselves. Not unlike they did post-9/11, Muslims in England are claiming “The bombings were a conspiracy by [Tony] Blair to generate support for the war” and “The bombings are Tony Blair’s fault – they killed a 100 thousand Iraqi’s – and it’s like a boomerang.” (Quotes from the IMAO blog.)

In every country that permits them entrance – radical Muslims attempt to undermine the legitimate government. They can point to nothing but oppression, murder and a heretical form of Islam. Yet we have politicians defending them and newspapers extolling them.

One must ask the question, if these fundamental Muslim terrorists are resisting democracy and a free society – what better plans have they for the region? As a group born with the idea that they should rule the world – based on the most available examples of their governmental civility, what could be expected?

Are we to assume that Malik Nadal Hasan and Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab are examples of their domestic and foreign diplomacy? Or are we to rest securely in the belief that our great Mahdi will save us – just as soon as he gets back from Hawaii and can find time in his vacation schedule?