The world’s dumbest joke and one of the world’s most brilliant military actions are curiously related.

The joke: The police chief who knew the bad guy was in the movie theater ordered all exits guarded. When the theater was emptied and it was clear the bad guy had gotten away, one of his cops shook his head and said, “We had all the exits closely guarded, Chief. He must have gone out one of the entrances.”

The military act: Before World War II the French, fearing a strong and aggressive Germany, built an impregnable series of fortifications along France’s border with Germany; the famous Maginot Line. Everybody agreed the German army could not get through it. They didn’t have to. They went around it and took France out of the war, never even needing to bother Berlin for more ammunition. The famous Maginot Line extended only as far west as the Belgian border. Nobody in France, apparently, ever dreamed the Germans would take Belgium and go around it.

Underline, please, “Nobody ever dreamed.” To understand the unique danger confronting America, a good place to begin is to realize we’re already deep inside undreamed-of territory. Let’s begin with the unprecedented dismantling of the America we thought would last forever. We, the people, are today like the decent people of France in 1940; standing there open-mouthed and zombified at the speed and brazenness with which the Obama team is “going around our defenses” and transmogrifying America into something unwanted, unwelcome and, until now, unimaginable. The key question is: If the Obama team is rebuked at the polls in 2010 and thrown out in 2012, can the damage be reversed? Already, maybe not!

There’s no trivialization going on here if we bring in football. There were “zombified” fans in stadiums across America beginning New Year’s Day of 1906 when Georgia Tech coach John Heisman’s suggestion of the “forward pass” was instituted. Radical and revolutionary! “Imagine! Throwing the ball right over our heads!” Undreamed-of. I was lucky enough to be in Duke Stadium in 1947 when the “radical and revolutionary” T-formation first came to North Carolina. We’d never seen or “dreamed” of anything like it. With first down on his own 20 after the opening kickoff, Maryland quarterback Vic Turyn took the snap from under center (by itself a totally confounding innovation we’d never dreamed of)! He then faked a handoff to halfback Lou Gambino, kept the ball and ran through a bewildered defense all the way to the Duke one-yard line.

Why did the Nazis bomb Rotterdam, Holland, six hours after the Dutch surrendered? “Schrecken!” explained the Nazis after the war. “Terror” – to demoralize all opposition everywhere. Undreamed-of!

There are many ways to say, “What’s going on here?” The young people call it a “new paradigm.” You can also say, “We’re not in Kansas anymore!” Others would call it a “whole new ball game.” What’s so new? Well, in the old days, if Obama’s policies were unpopular, he’d have to slow down, stop and reverse those policies. Votes, you understand! No more. The radical, almost violent, restructuring of America ignores unpopularity and plunges ahead buoyed by a compliant, not a complaining, media. The Obama team is showing about as much concern about their escalating unpopularity and their breathtaking election losses in 2009 as the Germans showed to French shock at the outflanking of the Maginot Line. The Obama game plan: “We’ll shake it up so much while the American people stand there blinking that they won’t even remember how it used to be!”

On the good side, we, like Noah, finally have a dove with a little green sprig in its beak. In addition to the Democratic disasters in Virginia and New Jersey in November, Alabama’s Democratic Rep. Parker Griffith just announced he was abandoning the Democratic Party and becoming a Republican. Did that news remind anybody else of the former Communist Whittaker Chambers’ proclamation when he abandoned Communism in favor of freedom that he was “leaving the winning side and joining the losing side”? Fortunately inaccurate, but quite sincere at the time.

Duke’s football team looked at the T-formation like the French looked at the Nazi blitz and Americans like me look at the deeds of Obama – all completely “undreamed-of”!

Our best hopes now are the “old” Democrats who are as shell-shocked as we are. They must be wondering and wavering. Help them become ashamed and aghast at today’s Democratic Party!

History has shown it’s possible to defend against the forward pass and the T-formation. And those who terror-bombed Rotterdam are gone, along with their comrades who took France in one undreamed-of punch.

“We shall overcome!” is a great battle cry. “They shall over-reach!” offers more immediate hope.

In a not-so-dumb joke the rich executive hosting a fat-cat hunting party is furious at the hunting guide who’s obviously got them all lost in the woods of Maine. “You told me you knew every inch of the Maine woods,” railed the executive. “I do,” replied the guide. “But I think we’re in Canada now.”

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