A manslaughter trial begins next week in Portland, Maine, that should be of interest to the entire nation.

The story begins last year on April 22, when Malcolm Bruce LaVallee-Davidson made a widely reported and emotional plea at the civic center for a statewide same-sex marriage initiative as he stood with his homosexual partner – maintaining that they “were already married in the eyes of God.”

What few in the civic center forum knew then was that just four days earlier, LaVallee-Davidson had shot dead with a .44-caliber handgun Fred Homer Wilson, in a South Portland basement after wild night of drug taking and drinking. Wilson was a member of a local homosexual sadomasochistic leather club. Lavellee-Davidson’s faux spouse was not in attendance that evening.

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Lavallee-Davidson embracing his partner at same-sex marriage hearing.

It took the work of the Christian Civic League of Maine and Maine’s Family Policy Council to bring the details to light. Somehow, LaVallee-Davidson’s heartfelt plea for same-sex marriage was bigger news than the fact that he killed a sadomasochist acquaintance four nights earlier.

But it gets worse.

In November, the attorney representing LaVallee-Davidson suggested his client may have been suffering from AIDS dementia when he killed Wilson – setting up the possibility that he might plead guilty by reason of insanity, spending a brief time in treatment before being released back into the general population. On the other end of the scale of justice, he could face up to 40 years for conviction on manslaughter charges.

This is an amazing story of the intersection of deceit, debauchery and violence.

Video accounts of LaVallee-Davidson’s testimony April 22 at the civic center was actually used to promote the same-sex marriage law before it was revealed he was facing manslaughter charges from a killing that occurred just four nights earlier.

On the positive side, the voters of Maine voted down the same-sex marriage proposition – like so many others across the nation. But, less than a month later, Maine’s top legislators were meeting with homosexual leaders to plan the next move in imposing same-sex marriage on the people of Maine.

Here’s a case with enough twists and turns and intrigue to keep Nancy Grace and Court TV busy for months. Yet there has been scarcely anything reported about it outside of the Portland area. And even what has been reported there is sketchy.


Because the facts don’t fit the paradigm of the media’s bent toward homosexual activism.

Homosexual behavior is just like heterosexual behavior, they tell us.

Well, I have a feeling that if the shoe were on the other foot, a case like this would have received much more national media attention.

Let me give you a hypothetical example.

Let’s pretend that it was a married Christian who got up and made the impassioned plea against same-sex marriage. It later turned out he had killed a prostitute with whom he was cavorting in a stupor induced by the use of drugs and alcohol.

Would that be a story?

You bet it would.

It might even be a movie of the week.

The three major networks would be covering it along with the cable news shows.

The New York Times and the Associated Press would have teams of reporters up in Maine right now preparing for the trial of the century.

Is there any doubt?

Think about that.

That’s the double standard we face in trying to figure out what’s really going on in our world.

We’re often forced to read between the lines of news accounts to get the facts.

Jury selection in the LaVallee-Davidson case opens Jan. 8, with the trial scheduled to begin Jan. 11.

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