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The Liberal-Muslim Axis, Part 2

My recent article, “The Liberal-Muslim Axis,” provoked such sycophantic ranting from the Alinsky left that I thought it prudent to write a follow-up article on the same subject.

Ayers in Egypt

Florida radio host Pam Geller wrote of President Obama’s Chicago mentors who launched his political career in Chicago, Bill Ayers and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn, who recently took their Jew-hating rampage to the Middle East.

The protests were led by Jodie Evans, co-founder of Code Pink, a far-left activist organization formed in 2002 to protest America’s war in Iraq. Code Pink recently met with terrorist groups, Hamas and with leaders of the Taliban. Evans was also a fundraiser and financial bundler for Obama’s presidential campaign.

Ayers and Dohrn, 1960s radicals both, have the ear of the evangelical left. A number of mainline liberal churches have proposed boycotts and divestment from any company that does business with Israel, including the United Church of Christ, the denomination of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and President Obama.

Understand leftists’ dedication to tyranny and tolerance of terror in Jamie Glazov’s “United in Hate”

The protesters in Gaza are merely Islamic propagandists spewing taiqiya (lies to advance Islam). Thus, the Obama-Ayers-Wright Axis is congruent to the Liberal-Muslim Axis.

‘Palestinian Christians’ against the Jews

Old South Church in Boston (United Church of Christ) has hosted conferences of an anti-Zionist organization that calls itself “Friends of Sabeel, Christians.” In a landmark decision on Sept. 17, 2009, Britain’s trade unions voted unanimously to participate in a mass boycott movement, disinvestment and sanctions not against Iran, Syria or Saudi Arabia, but against little Israel – demanding a negotiated settlement based on “justice” for Palestinians.

Map of the Middle East showing Muslim countries in green and tiny Israel (1/6 of 1 percent) in red.

The motion was passed at the 2009 Trades Union Annual Congress in Liverpool by unions representing 6.5 million workers across the U.K. Britain’s trade unions, together with those of South Africa and Ireland, voted to use a mass boycott campaign as a tool to bring Israel into line with international law and pressure it to comply with U.N. resolutions that seek to support an independent Palestinian state by damaging the state that feeds and protects them, Israel.

Here you have liberal Christian denominations in America and throughout Europe allied with Palestinian Christians boycotting against the tiny nation of Israel – a fragile, embattled country that is one war away from Hitler’s Holocaust, part 2. These global, anti-Semitic boycotts against the Jews are indeed a major part of the vast Liberal-Muslim Axis.

The Liberal-Muslim Axis owns all

The Liberal-Muslim Axis is much more complex than the name would denote. The axis powers consist not only of liberal Democrats, but include RINO Republicans, feminists, socialists, unionists, anarchists, academics and many others seeking to fulfill the Machiavellian motto, The end justifies the means. Remember, in both liberalism and Islam, morality and truth are relative terms, meaning truth is subjective. These religious-political ideologies define what is truth, and their “truth” is always on a shifting scale to rationalize and justify whatever means necessary to fit their ultimate ends – absolute political, economic and religious hegemony over the world.

Consequently, the Liberal-Muslim Axis is free from political, societal and religious accountability because the end always justifies the means as defined by their leaders; this unappeasable monster was referred to as “Leviathan” (1651) by 17th-century English political philosopher John Hobbes.

Under Islam, this ends-means paradigm is expressed in the idea that land once possessed by Muslims, if subsequently lost to an invader, remains land that is holy to Islam, e.g., Dar al-Harb – “the Land of War.” It is especially imperative that such lost lands be restored to the rightful rule of Islam. Historically, these lands are not limited to Israel and the Middle East but also large areas of southern Europe, Spain and North Africa. Since Allah’s will is for the entire world to come under subjection to the rule of Islam, Muslims are known for their zeal in spreading their religion, whether by peaceful means or by the sword.

Conversely, since liberals (like Muslims) hate American exceptionalism, their worldview facilitate Islamic hegemony as frequently demonstrated in Democrats’ local criminal approach to combating international Muslim terrorism – a failed policy of Neville Chamberlain appeasement painfully evident in President Obama constantly bowing, kowtowing and apologizing to despots, socialists and terrorists around the world in his failed efforts to covet universal adoration.

Hatred of absolute truth (God)

Liberalism (progressivism) and Islam both have a visceral hatred against any religion or philosophy claiming to hold absolute truth (God). That’s why historically the Liberal-Muslim Axis has always attacked Judaism and Christianity and has used all of its powers to destroy objective truth. For example, National Review editor and writer Jonah Goldberg, in his pathbreaking 2007 book, “Liberal Fascism,” exposed the cult foundations of liberalism, writing: “It is my argument that American liberalism is a totalitarian political religion.”

Later, writing about the world’s first fascist, President Woodrow Wilson (1913-21), a forefather and champion of progressivism, Goldberg asserted: “The militarization of society and politics was considered simply the best available means toward this end. Call it what you like –progressivism, fascism, communism, or totalitarianism – the first true enterprise of this kind was established not in Russia or Italy or Germany but in the United States, and Woodrow Wilson was the 20th century’s first fascist dictator.”

How does Goldberg’s idea about liberal fascism differ from hegemonic Islam? There are no substantive differences here. In other words, the more one takes a rational, analytical approach to these revolutionary political-religious cults, the more an existential Liberal-Muslim Axis is evident at work destabilizing American society. However, this diabolical duo’s ultimate target is “global governance,” i.e., world domination through the organ of the United Nations and their innumerable international organizations, which share these three diabolical beliefs:

Only a willful drumbeat of truth can expose and defeat this Liberal-Muslim Axis.