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Bruce Lavallee-Davidson (courtesy Portland Press-Herald)

A jury has taken just 25 minutes to convict a Maine “gay marriage” advocate of criminal manslaughter for the death of a homosexual partner who defense attorneys said got a thrill out of using a loaded gun as a sex toy.

Bruce Lavallee-Davidson was convicted for the April 18 death of Fred Wilson.

Lavallee-Davidson was charged with manslaughter after putting a .44 magnum handgun to the head of the South Portland, Maine, resident and pulling the trigger twice without making sure the gun wasn’t loaded.

The prosecution in the case maintained that because Lavallee-Davidson was an avid gun collector, he should have remembered to ensure that the revolver wasn’t loaded.

The defense in the case said there were three men participating in the sex party, and they were consenting adults and were aware of the risks. The defense also said no one was at fault, because Wilson was an ultimate thrill seeker and wanted the gun to be loaded to maximize the sexual experience.

Speaking to reporters after the trial, Wilson’s 54-year-old sister, Kim Wilson, said she was glad justice was served.

“I feel amazing relief. I was amazed and overwhelmed that the jury took just a short time to reach a verdict. There was a tremendous amount of evidence even though the defense tried to muddy the waters,” Wilson said.

Mike Hein of the Christian Civic League of Maine told WND the details of the case are so atrocious he believes it effectively will kill plans for “gay marriage” in the state.

The issue is that Lavallee-Davidson was testifying with his “partner,” Buck, in favor of legalizing homosexual “marriage” in the state only four days after Wilson’s body was found.

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Lavallee-Davidson and his partner, who was not at the sex party where Wilson died, testified they “were already married in the eyes of God.”

“Not only are the specifics of the trial stunning, salacious, perverted and sick,” said Hein, “this guy, Lavallee-Davidson, literally a few days after he allegedly shot this sadomasochist at a sex party, was the poster boy for Equality Maine,” an organization promoting same-sex marriage in the state.

Listen to Hein’s interview about the case:

Wilson added that she was bothered by the fact that Lavallee-Davidson chose to go to trial.

“He didn’t have to do this. He could have accepted responsibility for his actions and taken the plea the state offered. He didn’t have to go down this route. To me it was the most compelling testimony over the three days when James Pombriant told the court that after Bruce shot Fred he said, ‘Let’s see if we can make it look like a suicide,'” Wilson said.

Pombriant was the witness who testified about the nature of the mens’ use of guns during sex.

“We played with the guns. We put the guns up our a—- and we put them in our mouths. We never shot them,” Pombriant said.

“The guns were put around the room. There was no discussion with me about the guns. We brought out the guns and passed them around. We put them in our mouths,” Pombriant said.

“I never saw the guns loaded or unloaded for the whole evening. Though, we used the shotgun a lot because it was the most sexual,” he continued.

During the two days of testimony, Lavallee-Davidson’s defense team tried to portray Fred Wilson as a dangerous thrill seeker.

“That was maddening. They made such a big deal about how high my brother was on this ethyl chloride and I’m thinking, ‘If he’s that high, how’s he going to load a gun that he doesn’t know anything about?'” Wilson asked.

“He didn’t like guns; he didn’t own any guns and he didn’t know anything about guns. If he was that high, the idea that he could grab a gun and load it when he didn’t know anything about it was ludicrous,” Wilson said.

The defense team also tried to suggest that Fred Wilson was suicidal. That’s not the man Kim Wilson remembers.

“In the trial, we saw a very skewed and one-dimensional view of my brother. I can’t deny that maybe he was partying a little too hard that night, but Fred was an amazing person and one of the smartest individuals I’ve ever knew. He was brilliant and he was an amazing programmer,” she says, referring to his job with a Portland computer-consulting firm.

“Talk about a passion, that was something he really, really, loved. He loved many
things. He loved cooking and loved to cook for his friends. He made quilts and
people were amazed that he could make them. I have one of the quilts he made hanging in my living room at my Burbank, Calif., home. People say it’s beautiful and wonder where I got it. I simply tell them that my brother Fred made it and they’re amazed,” Kim Wilson said.

“He was kind and he had a wonderful sense of humor. All of his neighbors loved him and they were blown away by how nice he was. He always said ‘Hi’ to everybody,” she said.

Maine Assistant Attorney General Lisa Marchese was the prosecutor in the case and she also believes that justice was served by the verdict.

“I’m very pleased. This was such reckless conduct and I really believed he needed to be found criminally responsible for engaging in such reckless acts with a firearm,” Marchese said.

The post-conviction bail remains at $10,000. Sentencing will be March 26.

The case has attracted almost no attention in the mainstream media, despite its facts. But incidents of homosexual-related crime being ignored by the national media is hardly unique.

In July, WND reported news coverage of Duke University official Frank Lombard, accused of raping his adopted 5-year-old son and offering the child to someone else, omitted the fact that Lombard is a homosexual who lives with another “gay” man.

Also last year, reporter George Weber of New York City’s WABC Radio was slain by a sadomasochist he hired through Craigslist.com. The story received coverage in New York but garnered little attention outside the city.


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