At the moment America is in bad shape, although much of it is psychosomatic, a self-fulfilling prophecy brought on by the gloom-and-doom boys in D.C. Obama has wasted trillions of dollars we don’t have on stimulus packages that haven’t done a darn thing. He has cut off the possibility of drilling for oil off our own shores but has “given”  (paid back) his wealthy socialist buddy George Soros with a $2 billion dollar grant (our tax dollars) to Soros’ Brazilian oil company so they can drill for oil of the coast of Brazil.

Whats wrong with this picture? He’s using our money to create new jobs in somebody else’s country and make his rich buddy even richer.

Everyone over 45 remembers the spectacle of the Apollo mission to the moon and the calling of a nation to do something great. Well, it’s time for that to happen again – but this time it needs to be a call to sever our dependence on foreign oil and eventually on oil altogether. Below is a 30,000-foot view of an outline showing how to do just that.

I call this the move toward a hydrogen-based economy – a 10-year plan to get us there.

Step 1: Call for a national contest, open only to American-based companies and private American citizens to develop an infrastructure based upon energy derived from hydrogen fuel cells. 

A large prize for developing this infrastructure in the range of $50 million could be arranged to be given to the winner.

The winner would be selected from a group composed of private citizens. The group would contain people from the fields of engineering, quality, business professionals, ordinary consumers, etc. These people would be responsible for selecting the winning design or designs.

Step 2: Once a design or designs are chosen, it would be bid on by various companies, groups, etc. to refine and build  the infrastructure.

While all of this is going on, open up American oil fields for drilling and use the revenue (additional tax) to pay for the building of the new infrastructure.

This will include building new oil refineries that have the capability of being re-tooled into producing the hydrogen or hydrogen matrix to be used in the fuel cells.

Step 3: Phase in the hydrogen infrastructure over a 10-year period, retooling existing gas station to handle refueling with hydrogen.

The could be several applications to this contest:

  • Hydrogen fuel cells for ground transport

  • Hydrogen fuel cells for power production on large (commercial power plants) and small scale (personal home power)
  • Military applications
  • Aircraft applications

This would create a whole new sector of industry to produce the hydrogen fuel cells, build the infrastructures, maintain the infrastructures, maintain vehicles and power systems.   It would be open to a free-market approach to instill competition with the best quality and lowest cost.

This is how you “solve” America’s issues with the economy and energy independence. We could then  export this technology to the rest of the world. It will put our nation back on top. It also shuts up the tree huggers, etc.

Obama’s way is to force us to use less energy by taxing us using the shell game of cap-and-trade. It’s just another way for the same old cronies like Al Gore, Obama and his rich socialist subversive friends in Congress to get richer and gain more control over the rest of us that bust our backs every day paying ever higher taxes.

Please consider this proposal as a way of putting America back on top!

Joseph Miller III

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