I visited Boston during a business trip last summer. I returned to the West (not the coast)

convinced that East and West in America were different countries.

But on Tuesday, the people of Massachusetts drove a stake through the heart of the demon spawn of the Kennedy clan, electing a rather independent-minded Republican to the People’s seat in the United States Senate.

God bless you – at least the 52 percent of you who looked down into the socialist abyss of the Democratic Party and turned away. America owes the people of Massachusetts a second debt of liberty.

Unlike many pundits, I don’t think 52 percent is a mandate. I think 52 percent is the
passengers on a runaway train grasping the emergency-stop cord and yanking hard. Certainly those wearing the “R” label in Congress can’t pass any legislation. They are a minority in both houses and face a president living out “Rules for Radicals.” But together brand “R” can stand on the brakes and stop the socialist legislative express before it runs off the rails.

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The flip side of the Massachusetts miracle is that 47 percent of the voters think the U.S.

Constitution mandates that the federal government take care of them with a job or a welfare check, and have a nurse and doctor at the ready for their sick days. Why should they think any differently? They are taught from Head Start and pre-kindergarden on up to their Ph.D.

dissertation that the nanny state is there for you, and that Uncle Sam’s job is to dole out the
goodies equally.

And how’s the next generation coming along? We’ve delegated the job of child-rearing to women with a procession of boyfriends, but who are firmly wedded to the welfare state. Their children have no idea who their father is – where is their example? – but they know where the goodies come from. Why are we surprised when so many go from public housing to prison
housing, and contribute so little in between?

Vast numbers of leftists eagerly disavow God and hate the Christian Church for its role in

American life. Yet these same leftists have no problem assuming God’s role once they are elected to office, and demanding that the state fulfill Jesus’ teachings with regards to the poor. They should all have the scarlet letter “H” for hypocrite branded on their foreheads, because they “give” only that which they steal from the rest of us.

The church and every other nonprofit organization in America deserves a kick in its
tax-exempt status. You don’t help others because the government gives you permission and the IRS gives you a tax break. You help others because God tells you to. Charity is intended to be a private matter between you, God and the person you are helping. Where is the government
commanded to enter in, and why do we allow it to become a political campaign?

Unions and corporations are nowhere in the Constitution given a vote – but you can bet your last dollar that “your” congressmen and senators return their phone calls – while you get an

intentionally meaningless form letter in the mail and a mark in their perpetual campaign database about your “hot button.”

I personally don’t think the majority of the “R” labeled congressmen and senators are up to the task of restoring individual liberty and personal responsibility to America. But I could be

convinced. (Actions speak louder than words.) Brand “R”‘s only function until this November is to say “No!” to statism in all its kaleidoscopic sizes, shapes and colors. Experience has shown that no matter how pretty the design and how captivating the shapes and colors, when you hold statist legislation up to the light of day – you see only the death of liberty and the inexorable growth of tyranny.

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