WND founder Joseph Farah

WND founder Joseph Farah will join Glenn Beck and a lineup of prominent speakers in an educational policy conference designed to help restore the foundation of America.

Farah will be presenting on “Free Ideas: America’s Unique Freedom of the Press” alongside speakers such as Rep. Michele Bachmann; former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Penn.; former U.S. Sen. Jim Talent, R-Mo.; Phyllis Schlafly; David Horowitz; journalist and author, Brigitte Gabriel; Movieguide’s Dr. Ted Baehr and dozens of other American authors and leaders.

“Joseph Farah will discuss the First Amendment and the press and how precious and unique it is that America has a free press,” said Donna Hearne, executive director of the Constitutional Coalition, the non-profit, non-partisan think-tank and research facility hosting the event.

The conference, titled “What Makes America Work? Lessons Children and Others Must Hear,” will take place Feb. 4 through Feb. 6 in the ballroom of Missouri’s Hilton St. Louis Frontenac hotel. The Constitutional Coalition is offering tickets for the event until Jan. 25. The coalition addresses contemporary topics from a constitutional perspective, including government, taxes, national defense, education, family needs, property rights and other issues.

“The goal of the conference is to bring Americans together on the same page,” Hearne explained. “We want to help people understand the fundamentals of liberty and freedom, so that when we make decisions in our own communities or in a legislative situation, or regarding our finances and education of our kids, we’re doing so through the lens of understanding how precious freedom and liberty are.”

The following is a preliminary schedule of speakers and topics:

Thursday, Feb. 4, 6:30 p.m.

Dinner with Michael Medved – “How to Fight Anti-American Lies”

Friday, Feb. 5


Phyllis Schlafly: “Child Abuse in the Classroom”
Dr. Ted Baehr: “Faulty Reasoning: Film, Michael Moore and Economics”
Ann McElhinny: Science: “Not Evil, Just Wrong!”
Missouri State Sen. Jane Cunningham: “Bullying Gone Too Far”
Emily Booker: “PC on the Campus”
David Horowitz: “Teaching Revolution on College Campus”
Dr. Robert Littlejohn: “Teaching not what but how to think”
Hon. Debi Demein: “Federal vs. State School Boards”
Dr. Miriam Grossman: “You’re Teaching My Children What?”
Karen England: “California’s Mandated Sexual Diversity”
Dr. Patrick Fagan: “Two Cultures: Monogamy vs. Polyandry: To Which is Your Child Being Inducted?”
Dr. Karen Gushta: “The War on Children”
Sen. Rick Santorum and Ken Ferguson: “How to Rid Your TV of All Sexual Programs and Advertisements”
Sherrie Drury: “How and Why Biblical Sexuality”
Frank Gafney: “It’s a Dangerous World: America Under Attack”

Glenn Beck: Foundation and fundamentals of freedom

Saturday, Feb. 6


Rep. Michele Bachmann: “Fundamentals of a Good Education to Keep Us Free and Strong”
Dr. Brad Watson: “Rule of Law: Darwin and the Progressive Assault on the Rule of Law”
Dr. Matt Spalding: “An Orderly Society: We Still Hold These Truths …”
Dr. Jerry Newcombe: “Endowed by our Creator: The Role of God in America”
Brigitte Gabriel: “Islamic Infiltration of America’s Educational System”
Sen. Rick Santorum: “America’s Founding: Life, Liberty and Current Threats”
Missouri State Sen. Jim Lembke: “Sovereignty: The State and Unconstitutional Federal Dictates”
Dr. Jay Richards: “Economics: Understanding Money, Greed and God”
Joseph Farah: “Free Ideas: America’s Unique Freedom of the Press”
Sen. Jim Talent: “Security: The Constitutional and Moral Underpinnings of National Defense”
Jim Cuffia: “Freedom: The Liberty Project”
Dr. W.M. Forstchen: “Washington Crossing the Delaware”
Mark Hampy: “Literature to Create Moral Leaders”
Donna Hearne: “How to Activate America”

The Constitutional Coalition has formulated a 10-step plan for citizens to help rebuild an understanding of America’s foundations of freedom. The plan includes a series of five films to educate Americans about some of the most pressing issues in the nation, and the group encourages attendees to bring the lessons of the conference back to their own communities.

“The five films address the issue of what we need to do to turn this country around so that the people are once again making informed, wise decisions,” Hearne explained. “We want to start the discussion of what is important to America to keep us free and why we must all come out of our comfort zones and do something.”

Chaifetz Arena on the campus of St. Louis University

The Constitutional Coalition will host “An Evening with Glenn Beck” on Feb. 5 at 7 p.m. Beck will expand on the conference discussion at a special freedom rally at the Chaifetz Arena on the campus of St. Louis University. At the Glenn Beck event, the group will show a short film about the 10 Steps for Freedom program.

Glenn Beck

“We want this thing around the country,” Hearne said.

The arena is set to hold up to 11,000 people. Conference attendees will be provided transportation, a box dinner and premium seating at the event, and it’s all inclusive when they purchase a conference ticket. The Constitutional Coalition is also selling separate tickets for those who wish to see Glenn Beck but do not plan to attend the conference.

Farah said he is honored to be one of the featured speakers at the educational conference.

“Back in 2003, I had a vision about ‘Taking America Back,'” said Farah. “I’m gratified that so many patriotic Americans have now adopted that vision of restoring constitutional principles, justice, self-government and a return to Judeo-Christian morality. That’s what this conference is all about. This grass-roots movement cannot be stopped.”

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