Town halls. Tea parties. Pink slips. And now Scott Brown.

The people are shouting, and Obama and his party in Congress couldn’t care less. These people are determined to ram their socialized agenda through any way they can. No matter what.

A neighbor jogging by stopped to ask my opinion, “Do you think Obama will ‘move toward the middle’ given what just took place in Massachusetts?”

My answer? “No.” You see, there are three things you can count on from Obama and those pursuing his radical agenda: 1) Extremism, 2) Persistence, and 3) Arrogance.

By the way, if you’re going to describe them as “progressives,” make sure you use the full term and not just part of it: “the Communist Progressive Labor Party.” The pundits may not get it, but “truck-driving” middle America is beginning to understand.

Here’s how the Clevelander who sold me a pizza put it: “In one year Obama has turned America into a communist nation.”

Run to the middle? Not a chance. Following the Scott Brown people’s veto of socialized medicine and government spending, Obama is pushing for … socialized medicine and billions more in government spending.

Most no longer see this destruction as unintentional anymore. He has intentionally bankrupted America beyond anything we’ve seen since the founding of our nation. And now Obama is rushing through more socialist spending programs to destroy us financially even further – something most didn’t think possible.

The state of the union?

The Democrats, who’ve been swimming in pink slips from floor to ceiling, are starting to understand that it’s their jobs on the line. They have “seen this movie before” in 1994 when the Republicans took over Congress in Bill Clinton’s midterm election. But, as Politico reports, Obama, who isn’t up for re-election this year, told them not to worry. Obama reportedly told Rep. Marion Berry, D-Ark., that the difference between 1994 and now is “me.” He thinks he’s the personality that’s going to keep all the Democrat seats despite their disregard for the demands of the people for whom they work. Maybe those 9 million pink slips should have been sent directly to Obama.

I’m not sure he would have gotten the message even then; after all, Obama’s the guy who couldn’t talk at Graham Road Elementary School in Falls Church, Va., last week without a teleprompter. Those sixth graders can ask some tricky questions. Wouldn’t want to be caught off guard. Perhaps that’s the reason Obama hasn’t had a press conference in six months. What would happen if he made a mistake and called on an unapproved question from the Obama-activist media? After all, they weren’t successful in censoring Fox News, and there are even some WorldNetDaily reporters that get in from time to time – can’t risk calling on any of them.

No, Obama doesn’t have time for press conferences – he’s too busy prancing around giving himself a “B plus,” which is his idea of humility.

Keep in mind that Scott Brown notwithstanding, these guys will continue to have virtually unchecked power until at least Nov. 2. And if you don’t think they can do a lot of damage, just look at what they did in the last year.

It is clear that our nation is in distress – heading in the wrong direction and in dire need of rescue. But I’m not talking about politicians. I’m talking about the One who gave us our life and liberty. That’s why we’ve reserved Saturday, May 1st – May Day – at the Lincoln Memorial to repent and cry out to God for our nation in distress.

Go to and register your church online. Download the May Day flyer and pass it out to your congregation. Become a bus captain, which simply means that you find 55 of your friends and church members to come to the Lincoln Memorial with you. People in Wisconsin, New York, Arkansas, Ohio and Tennessee have already stepped up to host at least one bus from their city.

Depending upon where you live, it’ll cost you between $50 to $150 dollars for the tips, tolls, taxes and gas money to let someone else do the driving while you and your friends sit back, pray, sing, strategize and relax on your way to Washington.

Become bus captain or a state coordinator by calling the May Day Hotline at 405-796-PRAY (7729). If you have a burden for America as I do, please sign up and step up today for:

One Day: May 1, 2010

One Focus: God

One Purpose: Repentance

One Nation: Under God

Come, and bring a bus with you!


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