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The pressing question Americans and some members of the press have been asking over the last week or so, even prior to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address last night, is one that has given rise to some frustration and a sense of futility on my part. That question would be: Will the Democratic leadership in Washington now heed the message of Scott Brown’s election and “get with the program” as far as what Americans really want?

Some regular readers of this column (and, I would surmise, some who are not) will have already recognized that this question assumes a flawed premise – this being, that the Democratic leadership in Washington is concerned with what Americans want to any degree at all.

At the risk of appearing condescending: In order to appreciate the dynamic at hand, those who are currently inclined to make the above query will have to execute the intellectual leap to the realization that the Obama administration and congressional leaders are wholly unconcerned with our wants, needs and general well-being. Their agenda is to effectively supplant our system of government with a radically dissimilar one; as such, it is diametrically opposed to the existing paradigm, which includes deference to the will of the people.

It’s pretty simple when you think about it.

This is the reason they have prioritized such things as health care and climate change, issues only around 40 percent and 18 percent of Americans (respectively) count as high-priority concerns (Gallup, Jan. 20). Our leaders’ road map toward ostensibly ameliorating deficiencies in these areas would, however, convey upon them unprecedented political power and economic control.

Within hours of Republican Scott Brown’s dramatic victory (in capturing the Massachusetts Senate seat previously held by Ted Kennedy), President Obama was on the air with Democrat hack (as well as former Clinton White House communications director and current ABC News correspondent) George Stephanopoulos, executing some truly Orwellian damage control. Claiming that “the same thing [voter anger] that swept Scott Brown into office swept me into office,” the president immediately lapsed once again into “Blame Bush” mode: “People are angry and they are frustrated,” said he. “Not just because of what’s happened in the last year or two years, but what’s happened over the last eight years.” His practice of transferring culpability is reportedly wearing thin even among Democrats.

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On the one hand, Obama detractors might be vexed by his predictability in blaming his predecessor in an instance wherein said voter anger was unmistakably directed squarely at his policies, or his audacity in presuming that such a deflection might be accepted. On the other, I view this as evidence that his trick bag is running alarmingly low. Indications of this presented themselves when the president spoke on behalf of Scott Brown’s opponent, Martha Coakley, on Jan. 17: “I don’t know his record,” Obama asserted – while in the very process of disparaging Brown.

One could argue that Obama got in fairly deep, attempting to execute what amounts to a bloodless coup. The fact that he has suddenly found himself in over his head ought not be a surprise, given his abysmal lack of political experience. All things considered, it would be somewhat difficult to be sympathetic even if his agenda weren’t manifestly evil.

Although millions remain unaware of this, our republic has not been in this much danger since the Civil War. Despite some of the political checks the American people have made over the last 30 years (such as the election of Ronald Reagan and the midterm election in 1994), in the aggregate, America has been moving steadily toward the left in almost every area of the sociopolitical realm since the Civil Rights Movement.

I know that fair-minded Americans want to be hopeful, but even before Obama delivered his address, it was apparent to quite a few analysts that his message would probably consist of nothing more than novel marketing of a product that has already been established as grossly defective.

Even considering that which Scott Brown’s win represents, and particularly given what I believe to be true about our president, there’s no earthly reason the hard left in Washington would abandon their program. After all – it’s essentially been 100 years in the making. Bearing witness to the maneuvers employed in our government’s attempt to recover from events of the last 10 days will be interesting, if nothing else. Taking into account the left’s machinations over the last several decades, it’s a fair bet that these maneuvers will involve more multifarious deceptions.

I would include Obama’s State of the Union address as being among the first salvos. Jobs? We already know what creates jobs, and it isn’t government programs. Spending? A spending freeze now, given the record high levels of expenditure and deficits, is like a drunk promising not to drive while intoxicated after he’s wrecked the family car.

I wouldn’t advise putting much stock in any rhetoric this administration or this Congress furnishes toward reassuring Americans of anything.

Not for one minute.

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